Zia Botanicals Rose Water

Disclosure: Thank you Zia Botanicals for sending me your Rose Water Facial Toner. My skin feels so refreshed and lovely thanks to your top rated hydrating toner!

My Review:
This spritz is easy to use and gentle on even those most sensitive skin types. Just spray directly onto face after cleansing, or apply to cotton pad. Layer under your favorite moisturizer, use alone to refresh or set makeup, wonderful gentle healing toner for acne. Using Rosewater as a toner helps maintain your skin's pH balance and controls excess oil. Rose water has antibacterial properties that help reduce acne and unclog pores. Rose water is gentle and helps hydrate and moisturize skin.

Since using Zia Botanicals Rose water, my skin feels beautiful and I have noticed a noticeable improvement. My face looks and feels brighter and any redness that I have has dramatically decreased. My fine lines are less visible and I believe it's because of how hydrated my face is.

I use the spray in the morning and night after cleansing andthe day as a refresher.The scent is just lovely and gives me a nice boost. It is said that Rose water is a mood enhancer and can rid feelings of anxiety and I have to agree.

Overall, I'm not surprised that Zia Botanicals Rose water spritz is top rated. I am so impressed by this product and will continue to use in my skin care routine. Also, unlike many highly rated products, this toner is wallet friendly. Currently, this product is on sale and you can purchase for $13.74 (was $26.99)

To purchase Zia Botanicals Rose Water spray Click Here.

*Quick Tip*
I spray my Rose water on my pillow at night which helps me feel asleep fast and I wake up refreshed an alert!To buy the Zia Botanicals Rose Water Spritz, Click Here. What do you think? Have you tried any Zia Botanical products? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Tough Cookie Review

Disclosure: Thanks Tough Cookie Clothing for sending me your oh so fun and pretty clothing. I just love your brand. Quality, stylish, clothing for the entire family at affordable prices!

About Tough Cookie Clothing:
Based in Los Angeles, California, Tough Cookie Clothing is an online fashion and accessories retailer. Tough Cookie sells comfortable, stylish clothing geared towards a healthy, fun and active lifestyle. Committed to motivate and inspire their customers, Tough Cookie sells fun apparel for casual, workout or yoga wear.

My Review:
I LOVE Tough Cookie Clothing. I found Tough Cookie apparel when searching for tees to inspire me to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. I believe that the clothing can inspire you and that it can totally change your outlook. That's why I'm obsessed with my tee! The color is so pretty and the slogan is genius. I'm impressed by the quality and I've received so many compliments and smiles from my lighthearted tee.

I also have the sweat shorts & pants. These are SO unbelievable comfortable that I wear at least a couple of times a week. I have all of my items numerous times and they are still in wonderful condition. I just love the earthy tones for all of my pieces and the fit is incredible. And they HAVE POCKETS which makes me very happy. :)

If you are looking for inspirational, stylish, comfortable apparel I highly recommend trying Tough Cookie Clothing. The brand is attractive and the prices are amazing! Here are some of my other pieces I'm obsessed with!

To purchase Tough Cookie Clothing Click Here. What do you think? Have you tried or heard of Tough Cookie? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo

Disclosure: Thanks Maple Holistics for sending me your Pure Tea Tree Oil Shampoo. The results are amazing! If you suffer from dry scalp I highly recommend trying this shampoo. My scalp is so healthy that even my stylist asked me what I've been doing differently.

About Maple Holistics:
Maple Holistics offers natural hair, body and skin products backed by 100% Guarantee. Products are gentle and safe and helps moisturize areas that need it.

My Review:
I am thrilled with my Tea Tree Oil shampoo. One of the most effective treatments for dandruff is Tea Tree oil. Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties that have been proven to work better than some artificial shampoos. Recent studies have shown that tea tree oil has over 98 natural compounds. A good tea tree shampoo will have a well balanced formula of all components which are capable enough of providing safety, quality and results at a faster rate.

Since, using Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil shampoo, my dry scalp has dramatically improved. I now wash my hair once or twice a week with this magical shampoo and have barely any flakes! Unlike other Tea Tree shampoos I have used in the past, Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil leaves my hair shiny and soft instead of dry and dull.

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Nena and Co. Artisan Clutch Review

Disclosure: Thank you Nena & Co. for sending me your beautiful artistan clutch. I absolutely love this clutch and I have received so many compliments.

About Nena & Co.:

Nena & Co. offers artisan bags handmade by women in the Maya highlands of Guatemala. Each bag is one-of-a-kind, hand woven and loomed to give it beautiful uniqueness. Truly and completely one-of-a-kind, these bags are a masterpiece! Each piece is carefully curated with high quality fabric which is washed and laced with handcut leather to make them more durable for everyday use.

My thoughts:
I'm so thrilled to own a Nena & Co. clutch. It's a truly unique clutch which is beautifully made. So much love and thought is put into the Nena & Co. collections and is truly a brand that I admire.

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Bellabeat Review

Disclosure: Thank you Bellabeat for helping me take control over my health. Your fitness tracker is stunning and I'm always getting questions about where I got my my beautiful bracelet. When tell them that I it's actually a health tracker they immediately tell me how pretty it is in comparison to the other fitness bracelets currently on the market.

Bellabeat tracks:
*Water Intake
*Fertility & Period
*Alarm Wake up
*Vitamin Reminders

I love so many things about Bellabeat. Beautifully designed, quality-made, syncs to smart phone for easy tracking, and my favorite is the gentle vibrating alarm reminders. Since, wearing Bellabeat I've been so concious of my health. I don't own a scale but I can tell you my jeans are feeling less snug around the waistline. I wear my LeafNature as a bracelet but you have the option of bracelet or necklace and both are stunning!

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