Kinven Mosquito Bracelets

It's springtime in Charleston! I love all the blooming flowers and trees and the long, sunny days. However, there is one thing about the South, that I haven't fully adjusted too (or think I ever will for that matter) - mosquitos. They are already out and this year, my hubby and I said we told ourselves that we are going to be totally prepared :)

So for the past couple of weeks, while cleaning out our backyard we have been using Kinven mosquito bracelets and really like them. Here's why Kinven is so cool. They smell good too.

1. They look really cool. Kinven bracelets are stylish, colored, leather bracelets. The quality of the leather helps the bracelet last!

2. Kinven is natural and deet free. That means my toddler daughter can wear too :) Made from citronella oil, geranium oil and lemongrass oil.

3. Wallet Friendly and available on Amazon for easy and fast delivery. Each bracelet lasts for 15 days.

4. Kinven bracelets work!!

What do you think? Have you tried Kinven bracelets? Would love to hear your feedback. :)

Pure Air Candles

Disclosure: Thank you so much to Pure Air Candles for sponsoring this post. Your candles the best!

I love having walking into a home and being invited by a wonderful welcoming aroma. I'm always on the hunt for candles or anything else scented to make my home feel like total bliss.

Recently, Pure Air Candles reached out to see if I would be interested in trying some of their new candles scents and I was delighted.

My Review:
I reviewed the Sweet Pea Odor Eliminator and Pure Air Tea Light Sample Package. First off, ALL of the scents were wonderful. There was not one scent I did not like. So not only was I impressed by how the variety but I was even more wowed by how long these candles last for. I feel like I have had my Sweet Pea candle for a very long time (probably about 2 months) and I'm still using. :)Another plus... Pure Air Candles is budget friendly!

You can buy Pure Air Candles here. Check them won't be disappointed!

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Almondina Toastees Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: Thank you SO much to Almondina for sponsoring this post and giveaway!

Having cookies and crackers in our household at all times is a must! Especially with a little toddler who loves nothing more than to raid our pantry...literally :) So when I do choose snack foods for my family, I do my best to try and pick something that not only tastes delicious but is also healthy as well. I'm excited to share this post because Almondina fits that criteria!

Almondina cookies have been on the market for over a quarter of a century. Almondina now introduces Toastees, a new snack/cookie, that is the first product introduced by the next generation of the Almondina family. Toastees are being carried coast-to-coast by stores including all Sprouts Markets, Bed Bath & Beyond, Publix, Fairway Markets, Kroger Michigan, Amazon, and others.

My Review:

My family LOVE LOVE LOVES Almondina Toastees! We tried the Cranberry Almond, Coconut Orange Almond & Sesame Almond Toastees. This bite size snack has no salt or fat added, no cholesterol and no preservatives. My favorite is the Coconut Orange Almond, which is actually surprising because I don't care for coconut all that much but this Toastee is sooo yummy. It's a wonderfully light and refreshing with just the right hints of ingredients. I'm very impressed.

What do you think? Have you tried Almondina foods? I would love to hear your thoughts. Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway below for your chance to win full size package of the Cranberry Almond, Coconut Orange Almond & Sesame Almond Toastees!

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Organic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Disclosure: Thank you so much to Organic Aromas for sending me your Essential Oil Diffuser. I just really love your Essential Oil Diffuser and Essential Oils.

This diffuser comes with built-in "touch sensor" light switch that allows you to turn the LED light on or off with a simple brush of your finger whenever you wish. Silently nebulizes and perfect for aromatherapy. Uses No Heat or Water Maintaining the Holistic and Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils. Has "volume" switch to precisely control how much oil you diffuse.

It also is low energy consumption, the unit has a Usage Cycles of 2 minutes On, and 1 minute Off. Auto Shut-off after 120 minutes. Excellent atomizing performance requires very little essential oil to saturate the air quickly. Under ideal conditions can “service” a room of up to 80sqm (800+ sq ft).

Refined and elegant hand-made wood base and custom-blown glass diffuser makes the device a work of artistic craftsmanship. Featuring stunning rainbow-colored LED mood lighting, Radiance is a versatile, effective and therapeutic aromatherapy diffuser that does not use heat or water. The device is clean, safe, uses very little energy and is completely quiet. This nebulizing diffuser uses pure essential oil.

My Review: I just love my Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser. I keep mine in the bedroom and I'm amazed at how quickly it works and neutralizes the air. Organic Aromas sent me their Passion oil which is vibrant & refreshing. It smells amazing and even after it has finished the cycles the aroma lingers for a couple of hours. I also enjoy the quiet nebulizer and the rainbow-colored LED mood lighting which makes for a relaxing experience. If you are thinking of buying a Essential Oil Diffuser, I suggest you take a look at Organic Aromas. I love that it is natural and cost effective to keep your home scented!

Have you tried Organic Aromas? I would love to hear your feedback!

P.S. Organic Aromas hosts a weekly giveaway. Enter for your chance to win by clicking here. Good Luck!

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50% off J.Crew from thredUP!

Disclosure: Thank you so much for thredUP for sponsoring this post. I just love your site and I'm so happy that you are helping me to re-style my wardrobe and to find clothing that brings me joy :)

I just finished reading Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. If you haven't read or don't know about KonMari I highly recommend checking out her website. This book is really helping me become better organized and take care of the items that bring me joy in my life.

The first area of business is actually your closet. I've always considered myself a minimalist and pretty organized but when I used the KonMari method I realized I had some baggage that just wasn't bringing me any joy. After cleaning my closet I found thredUP I decided to use thredUP to resale some of my clothing and to donate whatever they did not accept. I reached out to thredUP to see if they would sponsor this post and I was delighted when they wanted to work with me. They sent me a closet cleanout bag and this awesome J.Crew blazer (a must have in your wardrobe). The blazer was only $35 (a $296 discount)!

If you are not familar with thredUP, it is a fashion resale website where you can buy and sell secondhand clothing online. thredUP makes secondhand shopping a cinch. Shop thousands of like-new arrivals added every minute.

One of the brands that I love the most is jCrew. I just love their classic style and the quality is unbeatable. I have jCrew items from years ago that are still in trend and look almost brand new. If you love J.Crew as much as I do then you are going to love this special thredUP promo only offered to What Wendy Loves readers. 50% off first-time purchases of J.Crew items! We think your audience will love it too :)

Here is the code: JCREW50, 50% off first-time orders, discount up to $50. Click here for the special link.

What do you think? Have you tried thredUP? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear your feedback!