Mom Must Have Baby Products {Sister Chic Review}

Disclosure: Thank you so much to Sister Chic for making such smart baby products. I just love your delightful designs and durable baby accessories.

Dropper Stopper Review:
The Dropper Stopper is exactly what it sounds like. Made with flexible material the Dropper Stopper prevents dropped baby items from ever hitting the dirty floor. If you weren't a germ·o·phobe before having a baby you probably are now considering it's no fun for any parent & baby to be sick from all the yuckies floating around in kid friendly environments. The Dropper Stopper wraps around strollers, highchairs and baby carriers while on the opposite end secures sippy cups, bottles, toys and more. This item is a Winner of the Moms Best Award and comes in 5 fabulous patterns. Made with quality material and variety of snaps the length can be easily modified.

Binki Band Review:
Just like the Dropper Stopper the Binki Bands are essential to keeping passing pacifiers off the floor and free of germs. The clip is very strong and is compatiable with Mam, Soothie and Avent pacifiers. Binki Bands also help to put an end to the pick-up-game many tots enjoy :) Binki Bands come in 12 stylish patterns.

Tushy Tote Review:
The Tushy Tote is a Mom Must Have. Washable, Wipe-able and holds everything needed for running errands or stroller walks without the hassle of a heavy diaper bag. I also like using in my diaper bag because it's easy to find. The large pocket provides room for diapers, wipes, cellphone and keys. It also allows moms to secure it their wrists or stroller for hands free running. Available in 9 lovely designs.

Have you tried any of the Sister Chic products? What's your fave. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Click here to purchase Sister Chic products online or click here to find a store near you. baby is a Parent Win!

Disclosure: Thank you so much to for making meal time so much fun with my little one. As a mother, I love your quality made products!

My Review

b.bowl and straw
*Bowl and removable straw makes meals more fun.
*Large handles encourage independence
*Non slip base and easy storage lid
*Snack insert transforms bowl into an on the go snack holder
*Microwave and dishwasher safe
*BPA, Phthalates and PVC free plate
*Keep food seperate with subtle dividers
*Easy sides and no slip base
*Dishwasher and microwave safe
*BPA, Phthalates and PVC free products are fun and stylish products that are well made for your little one. I feel good knowing that my baby girl is using BPA, Phthalates and PVC free products. Another win is that bowl and plate are efficient and non slip.

Does your little one still do diaper changes? Then you will love their award winning diaper wallet! So efficient and I just love the designs. is a #ParentWin and deserves an A+ for their outstanding quality and design. To learn more, check out their products here. You won't be disappointed.

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Dress up your tots room with a cozy rug from Lorena Canals!

Disclosure: Thank you to Lorena Canals for sponsoring this post. My daughter and I L O V E her new rug.

I'm so delighted that Lorena Canals agreed to work with me on this post. I have been looking for a comfortable, stylish rug for my daughters bedroom for quite some time and Lorena Canals exceeded my expectations with their quality and striking designs!

About Lorena Canals:
Lorena Canals, designer and founder, has been focused on the design, manufacturing and commercialization of products for decorating children's rooms for over 25 years. Currently, Lorena Canals sells online worldwide and is present in more than 30 countries.

Please check out this short video which speaks of the Lorena Canals quality here. Also, be impressed by the Lorena Canals Social Mission and be proud when you buy a Lorena Canals product knowing you have made a smart and thoughtful choice by purchasing from this amazing company.

My Review:
I'm thoroughly impressed with this brand. Not only is my daughters rug darling, you can see the quality and know that Lorena Canals stands by their company. There are so many fetching choices it makes it hard to pick.

Yah! Lorena Canals Rugs are MOM & KID FRIENDLY! The rugs are very comfortable - my daughter is totally at ease playing on it (see picture below) and the best part is that you don't have to take to the Dry Cleaners to wash. I highly recommend that if you are looking for a rug to check out Lorena Canals here.

Here are pictures of my -- rug.

Here are the before and after pictures of the --- rug in my daughters room.

Lorena Canals also sells cushions! My daughter would love this Heart Pink cushion (Christmas list item?)

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried Lorena Canals rugs?

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50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded)

Disclosure: Thank you so very much to for making such pretty sunglasses and for the opportunity to review your product!

Are you in need of new glasses frames, glasses, sunglasses or prescription sunglasses? Then you will want to check out! They are giving What Wendy Loves Readers a special 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded).

My Review:
I'm really happy that reached out to see if I would like to try their sunglasses! I was desperately in need of a new pair, so I guess the Universe was looking at for me :)

The styles are striking and fresh and the price is just right. I'm also very impressed with the quality of the glasses. I'm known to not be so great at keeping my sunglasses in the best shape so I don't usually spend to much money on the pairs I do own and in turn the quality of the sunglasses I have purchased in the past have been pretty poor to say the least. sunglasses are wonderfully made, and wallet friendly. They have so many irresistible styles I had a hard time choosing but in the end I picked CHLOE WAYFARER - GRAY/PINK glasses since I would consider my style to be pretty easy breezy beachy. I've had for over 3 weeks now and they still look as glossy as ever & I'm in love with the natural feel around my face. Best part is that they were under $50! Here are some pics.

What Wendy Loves Readers, Please use CODE: GSHOT50 for your 50% coupon!

What do you think? Have you tried What style would you choose? I would love to hear what you think!

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Monat Hair Review & Giveaway

Disclosure:A HUGE Thank you to Sheri from Monat Hair for sponsoring this post. My hair has never looked and felt so beautiful.

My Review: I was so excited when Sheri reached out to partner with me on this post. It was if the Universe was looking out for my hair :)
I've always struggled with dry hair since I can remember. This summer really did a number on my strands. As a mother of a toddler I've struggled to find the time to take care of it like a should. That's just one reason why I love the Monat hair system. It's easy to use (Shampoo + Leave-In Conditioner and a once a week masque). I'm so happy I did the weekly results just so I could really look back and see how much Monat has changed my hair game. My hair was so dry before using Monat. Now my hair feels silky and strong. Here are the pics below.

About Monat:
I tried the Balance System which includes Renew Shampoo, Restore Leave-In Conditioner, Replenish Masque.

Renew Shampoo
A salt and sulfate-free gentle hydrating cleanser that improves the moisture balance of the hair and supports the restoration of youthful vitality.

Restore Leave-In Conditioner
Designed to revive each strand and support restoration of lost essential nutrients to the scalp. Leaves fragile hair silky-smooth with no flyaways.

Replenish Masque
Infuses vital nutrients to help eliminate frizz and reduce split ends. Ideal for damaged and moisture-starved hair.

Here's a quick video on how to use Monat Hair Care products. Click here.

Join as a VIP customer and receive a Free Replenish Masque or purchase a hair system retail and you will receive a Free Dry Shampoo!
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Go Sili with Silikids {Silikids Review}

Disclosure: Thank you so much to Silikids for sending us your SiliSkin Sippy Cup & SiliSkin Reusable Snack Bags. We just love the Silikids brand!

About Silikids®:
Silikids® was founded in 2006 and is the first mom-founded brand focusing on children’s products made out of silicone. Silikids products are safe, non-toxic, and durable. easy to clean and use and made from 100% food grade silicone.

Why use silicone:

Safe: Silicone is basically made up of silicon, a natural element present in sand and rock, which after oxygen, is the most abundant element on earth! Silicon is transformed into silicone when combined with oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. Because it is an inert material, it does not react with food or liquids so no unpleasant flavors can transmit. It’s also non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and does not promote bacteria or fungus growth.

Non-Toxic: Due to concerns regarding BPA, many people are switching to BPA-Free products. Silicone offers just that solution. Silicone DOES NOT contain toxic chemicals like bisphenol-A, lead, PVC and phthalates.

Durable: Silicone is very durable so you won’t have to worry about disposal for a long time.
No need to dispose and create waste regularly, and silicone is recyclable - although probably not through your city-wide recycling program. There are many specialty recycling facilities that recycle silicone. Send your Silikids products back to Silikids and they will recycle it for you!

My Review: I just can't get over how cool the Silikids Sippy Cup & SiliSkin Reusable Snack Bags are! Totally differant than the sippy cups and snack bags that we have been using and I'm totally crazy about the design and quality of these two amazing products. I was a little nervous putting both of the products in the dishwasher as I had never used Silicone before but was amazed at how well both the sippy cup and snack bag stood up to the dishwasher test. The snack bag is slim and fits so easily in my mommy bag and snaps into place very well. I haven't had to worry about my snacks spilling out either (always a win). I love the idea of purchasing products that improve the way we live and are wallet friendly.

Try it for yourself! Receive 10% off your next purchase when you sign up for Silikid emails. You'll receive information about exclusive sales, new arrivals, special events & more. Have you tried Silikids? I would love to hear your thoughts :)

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The Ultimate Beach Tote! {Beachmate Review}

Disclosure: Thank you SO SO much to Beachmate for our awesome beach tote. This is a product that the entire family is enjoying. If you are beach lovers like we are I recommend purchasing one of these totes. This is a quality tote that is built to last and enjoy!

My family lives for the beach and we are fortunate enough to live in a place where we can enjoy the beach all year. Even in the colder months you will find us wandering in the sand and enjoying the brisk ocean breezes.

Our daughter turned two in July and we are so thankful that she adores the beach as much as her Momma and Daddy. We spend at least one day a week chasing after her in the soft South Carolinian sun and sand.

Since we make this outing so often it is important for us to be prepared as any parent of a toddler knows. That's why we are overjoyed that Beachmate agreed to sponsor this post. Always on the lookout for products that help improve the quality of our lives, the Beachmate tote is a beach Must Have. We are so impressed with the quality, design and functionality of this beach carrier and have been spreading the word to everyone we know!

My Review:

Beachmate is lightweight and efficient! Beachmate is basically a large plastic tote covered with durable, bright (makes it easy to find) weather resistant fabric that protects your belongings.

On the bottom of the bag is a large cooler, which is the perfect size to fit all of your beach snacks. We tested the cooler for 4 hours and our drinks were still cold.

On top of the cooler are different size stack-able buckets with tough nylon straps that can also be used to carry even more belongings. They can also be used as beach buckets, drink holders, and little snack tables.

On the back two shovels snap onto bag. These shovels are A W E S O M E. They are heavy duty made from industrial strength plastic and will keep your little one busy for hours.

The exterior of the bag has many pockets to store items such as phone, keys, sunscreen and other important items.

What do you think? Have you heard of or tried Beachmate? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Purely Elizabeth Grain-Free Granola Review

Disclosure: Thank you so much to Purely Elizabeth for sending me their Original Grain-Free Granola and Banana Nut Butter Grain-Free Granola. This gluten-free granola brand is so tasty and good-for-you and I highly recommend trying for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

About the brand:
Elizabeth Stein, a holistic nutrition counselor, founded Purely Elizabeth in 2009 after seeing a lack of healthy gluten-free options. She set out to create a solution for herself and her clients using good-for-you super food and ancient grain ingredients. Today, Purely Elizabeth continues to create delicious, nutrient-rich products using the most innovative ingredients on the market. Purely Elizabeth offers granola, oatmeal, muesli and breakfast cereal -- all of which are certified gluten-free, vegan, non-gmo and organic. Recently they released the first Probiotic Granola on the market + a Grain-Free Granola.

My review:
I'm always on the lookout for healthy foods that give me more energy. After I gave birth to my daughter two years ago, I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. Although recent blood work seemed to checkout that my thyroid levels had re-balanced, I try to keep it in check by choosing healthier food options as I think it may have something to do with the problems I was experiencing. Some of the studies that I researched said that trying a gluten-free diet may help and my thought was that it couldn't hurt. I do not follow a strict gluten-free diet but when I can I do try to find alternative options to foods that contain gluten.

What I call my morning fuel consists of plain greek yogurt, granola and honey. If you haven't tried this concoction yet, please do because it is so delicous and so good for you! For me, yummy foods are all about the ingredients. So I was elated when Purely Elizabeth agreed to partner with me on this post. Made with organic hemp, chia + coconut flakes. Purley Elizabeth is NON-GMO and Gluten-Free. This is the BEST granola brand I have ever tasted. Both of the granola's that I tried have 5 grams of protein which is always a plus. Try sprinkled over yogurt (my favorite), on top of ice cream, smoothies or salad. You can also just eat a handful by itself. :)

More about the ingredients:

Hemp is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, as well as sulfur + iron.

Coconut sugar is an unrefined, low-glycemic + nutrient-rich sweetener.

Coconut oil has antiviral and antimicrobial properties and contains medium-chain fatty acids that get used as energy rather than stores as fat.

Chia seeds are a super food seeds providing excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Have you tried Purely Elizabeth Granola? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Stock your pantry with the prettiest foods ever! {Victoria Amory Review}

Disclosure: Thank you so much to Victoria Amory for giving me the opportunity to sample your superb flatbread crisps. Your brand is truly phenomenal.
Our family loves to snack so I'm always on the lookout for healthy treats that also taste great. That's why I'm delighted that I found Victoria Amory flatbread crisps.

Crafted using all-natural ingredients, no preservatives or weird ingredients, Victoria Amory foods are incredibly delicious, good-for-you, and striking. Throwing a dinner party? This is a must buy. The packaging is so sophisticated you will be sure to impress your guests. They will be even more impressed by the electrifying flavors that delicately blend in your mouth.

My Review: We tried the Rosemary & Parsley, Classic Sea Salt & Roasted Red Pepper flat bread crisps and devoured all three. However, if we had to make a choice the family favorite was the Roasted Red Pepper with it's unique fusion of spices, we couldn't get enough! Not only does Victoria Amory make amazing flatbread crisps but they also have amazing condiments such as Hot Pink Mayonnaise that I would love to try as well. What do you think? Have you tried Victoria Amory? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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20% of Electric Yoga! {Electric Yoga Review}

Disclosure: Thank you SO much to Electric Yoga for sending me your Wonder Woman Top & Sexy Mesh Panel Leggings. Your yoga apparel is fabulous and I've fallen in love with your clothing.

Ahh, yoga pants. It's the uniform choice for ladies all over, especially us mommies. While I love wearing my yoga attire, I want to look cute as well. That's why I LOVE Electric Yoga!

Electric Yoga has a pleathora of stylish yoga outfits that will make you swoon. This is Quality yoga wear. You don't have to worry about pilling, fading or tears when purchasing from Electric Yoga. The colors are vibrant and the designs are fun which make me feel happy and gooey inside.

What I love about the most about my Wonder Woman Top is the fit is perfect and it's so breathable. The Ballerina Lace Up Leggings are insanely gorgeous. The Sexy Mesh Panel Leggings are just that. Sexy! There is a nifty little pocket sewn into the back of the pant, which is a big plus in my oponion. I love versatile clothing pieces and it's so nice to be able to fit my keys, credit card or cash into this pocket and it's also comfortable.

Electric Yoga sells tops, bottoms, outerwear & accesorries. Here are some of my other faves that I would love to add to my wardrobe!

V Neck Burnout Hoodie

Ultra Light Yoga Bag on Sale!

Needed V Neck

What do you think? Do you own Electric Yoga Apparel? I would love to hear your thougths.

Also, Electric Yoga is giving WWL readers a 20% discount!! Please use code: Wendy20 for your purchase.

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