My top 6 Health Picks for October

1. Bellabeat
Track your fitness goals, sleep movement, period cycles and meditation goals with this gorgeous fitness tracker. Can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. I have received so many compliments on my pretty Bellabeat Leaf. Another feature I love is that you can set alarms for vitamin reminders and wakeup calls. Basically, your watch or necklace vibrates and gently reminds you it is time to wake - this is the best alarm ever!

2. Fabletics
I just love Fabletics workout apparel. Comfortable, casual and totally wallet friendly. I think it's the Best Buy and I just love almost all the styles available. Right now there is a sale for leggings. Buy 2 for $24!

3. Nature's Bounty Energy Vitamins
I have been taking these vitamins for some time and I have to say I'm impressed. Easy to chew and gives me enough energy to conquer my mid-day slump. Find them here on Amazon.

4. Cosmic Kids Yoga
My daughter and I love Jaime's Cosmic Kids Yoga, available on YouTube. I even introduced to my parents who have told other grandparents about this fun and interactive yoga session. Best of all it's free!

5. Chalene Johnson
A podcast I'm listening to this month is Chalene Johnson. Chalene Johnson is a well known fitness guru who shares her tips on goal setting & time management. Her tips have really helped me to sort out my thoughts and create a clearer picture of what I vision in my current and future life.

6. Warby Parker Eyewear
Eye health is very important. Sometimes, it can be the cause of lingering headaches due to eye strain. It's also important to protect your eyes from UV Rays and eye wrinkles. I wear my sunglasses all the time, even in the winter months. A brand that I've fallen in love with is Warby Parker. Not only are these frames chic they are affordable too! Starting at $95 you can test out the frames for 5 days no charge! Take this quick style quiz here to find your perfect pair.

What are your favorite health picks for October? Have you tried any of the above? I would love to hear your feedback!

Create a smooth silhouette using SQUEEM shapewear

Disclosure: Thank you so much SQUEEM for sending me your SQUEEM shape wear and making me feel gorgeous. I just love. Not only does it help my waist appear slimmer underneath my clothing, it is helping me to waist train. If you are not familiar, waist training is a gradual process of waist reduction using a corset. It helps to strengthen your core and improve your posture.

SQUEEM products are made with Intelligent Fabrics, a unique mix of cotton and natural rubber fused into a thin, single layer, high compression fabric. It provides superior shaping results, corrects posture, alleviates back pain and improves your metabolism.

Due to a combination of factors: the garment’s compression produces the same effect of a lymphatic drainage, which helps you eliminate liquids, thus, losing weight. Also, the person wearing the product will feel less hungry as a result of the compression. You won’t be able to eat large meals at once and will actually eat fewer quantities, more times during the day. This in turn, will keep your metabolism working the whole day burning more calories than normal.

My thoughts:
I have been wearing my SQUEEM for almost a month now. It's easy to wear and has been helping my tremendously with my very poor posture (which was one of my bigger concerns). It also helps me to stay aware of what I'm snacking on. SQUEEM products are gorgeous and make you feel very feminine. Overall, I have seen tremendous results. My back doesn't hurt from my poor posture and I feel stronger & healthier.

To purchase SQUEEM Click Here.

What do you think? Have you tried SQUEEM? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you.
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Light up the toilet at night with Illumibowl

Disclosure: Thank you IllumiBowl for sending me your awesome toilet bowl night light. What a genius idea!

About IllumiBowl:
Featured on ABC' Shark Tank, Illumibowl is the world's first toilet bowl night light. No one enjoys stumbling around in the dark or turning on bright lights and waking themselves up in the middle of night to use the bathroom. Illumibowl is dedicated to helping you have the best late night bathroom experience possible!

Easy to Install:
Fit to toilet.
Install Illumibowl
Turn out the lights
Single Button Control

Easy to clean: wipe off with wet wipe, damp cloth or cleaner.
Note: Your sensor will work better facing the door.

100% Guaranteed

My Review:
I'm so happy to have found IllumiBowl. You have created a truly useful product. Every toliet in your home should have IllumiBowl attached to it.
We have many overnight guests and they have raved about your product. This is also great for my little as I don't need to turn on any bright lights and make an unpleasant experience of the bright lights worst than it needs to be.

Try for the 1st time and get 25% off. CouponCode: TRYME To purchase Illumibowl <Click Here>

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Disclosure: Thank you so much to who sent me their step stair basket. This is one of my favorite reviews!

About feature handwoven baskets that are being lovingly created by three Older-Order Amish families in the Heartland of the U.S.

The great skill, patience, and craftsmanship used to produce the quality woven baskets available on the marketplace is a heart-felt tradition that has been passed down from parents and grandparents to their children and grandchildren for generations. The desire from the Amish baskets marketplace is to provide the opportunity for passing the art of crafting these wonderful baskets along to the younger generations so they may continue the family tradition. The woven stair basket that was sent to me was created by the Troyer family. Each basket is signed by the family member who gives their time and skill to create the basket.

My thoughts:
I'm so honored to have a specially crafted step stair basket in my home. Not only is the basket absolutely gorgeous, it is quality made. I expect to have this basket for a lifetime. are a perfect gift for someone you love and I plan on buying as gifts for my loved ones.

Here are some of my favorite baskets that I just love. What are your thoughts? Have you heard of ? What would you buy?

Amish Made Hanging Doorknob Catch All Basket

Amish Handmade Square Tissue Box Cover Basket

Amish Made Handwoven Large Round Wicker Hamper with Lid

What are your thoughts? Have you heard of ? What would you buy? I would love to hear your thoughts :) To purchase a basket from click here.

CammileQ Castor Oil Review

Disclosure: Thank you CammileQ for sending me your 100% Organic Castor Oil. I have seen so much progress in just a few weeks and I'm truly amazed.

Are you aware of all the benefits of using Castor Oil? Here are just a few ways most people use
*Hair growth
*Longer eyelashes
*Thicker eyebrows
*Strengthening of the hair
*Moisturizing their hair and scalp
*Strengthen your hair roots
*Repair your split ends
*Nourish the scalp and prevent dry scalp
*Thicker and healthier hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

The CammileQ castor oil is 100% pure organic, cold pressed and hexane free. It is all natural and contains a lot of nutrients and fatty acids your hair and scalp crave.

My thoughts:
I have been using CammileQ Castor Oil to grow my eyebrows and eyelashes and I'm amazed at the results. It has been only two weeks and I've already started to see new growth around my eyebrows. My lashes feel stronger and healthier as well. I use nightly before going to bed so that I can give it a chance to soak in and really start working. I highly recommend Cammile Q products. Cammile Q products are natural and wallet friendly. They also stand behind their products with a 30-day money back guarantee.

To purchase CammileQ Castor Oil or any other Cammile Q products Click Here.

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