50% off J.Crew from thredUP!

Disclosure: Thank you so much for thredUP for sponsoring this post. I just love your site and I'm so happy that you are helping me to re-style my wardrobe and to find clothing that brings me joy :)

I just finished reading Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. If you haven't read or don't know about KonMari I highly recommend checking out her website. This book is really helping me become better organized and take care of the items that bring me joy in my life.

The first area of business is actually your closet. I've always considered myself a minimalist and pretty organized but when I used the KonMari method I realized I had some baggage that just wasn't bringing me any joy. After cleaning my closet I found thredUP I decided to use thredUP to resale some of my clothing and to donate whatever they did not accept. I reached out to thredUP to see if they would sponsor this post and I was delighted when they wanted to work with me. They sent me a closet cleanout bag and this awesome J.Crew blazer (a must have in your wardrobe). The blazer was only $35 (a $296 discount)!

If you are not familar with thredUP, it is a fashion resale website where you can buy and sell secondhand clothing online. thredUP makes secondhand shopping a cinch. Shop thousands of like-new arrivals added every minute.

One of the brands that I love the most is jCrew. I just love their classic style and the quality is unbeatable. I have jCrew items from years ago that are still in trend and look almost brand new. If you love J.Crew as much as I do then you are going to love this special thredUP promo only offered to What Wendy Loves readers. 50% off first-time purchases of J.Crew items! We think your audience will love it too :)

Here is the code: JCREW50, 50% off first-time orders, discount up to $50. Click here for the special link.

What do you think? Have you tried thredUP? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear your feedback!

The Baby Sleep Miracle

Disclosure: Thank you very very much to the Baby Shusher. You have helped our entire family sleep more soundly :)

Does your little one have a difficult time falling or staying asleep? My daughter has and still does. Since the day we brought her home from the hospital we tried everything and I mean E V E R Y T H I N G to help her (and us)! We called 7-9 pm the witching hour because it was total chaos in our household. She wanted so badly to stay up and did everything she could to fight it. When your little one isn't sleeping neither are you and that's no bueno for anyone. Enter the Baby Shusher.

My Review:
My daughter is a little bit older now so I don't need to use the calming techniques quite as often before bed or nap time. However that doesn't mean that she sleeps soundly during the night and that is exactly why I reached out to Baby Shusher. At least once or twice a week my daughter wakes up. I don't quite think it is night terrors but just her waking up in the middle of the night uncomfortable and not being able to go back to bed.

This has been the perfect tool to help calm her back to sleep. I was worried that because it was a new technique and differant from what she is used to and thought maybe it would wake her even more. Boy was I wrong. The Baby Shusher worked like a charm.

I recommend this product to ALL new parents. This actually would be my #1 Parent Must Have Item. It's easy to use, wallet friendly & portable. The only con is that I didn't learn of this product earlier in my parenting life.

Do you own the Baby Shusher? What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Untangle naughty hair with Knot Genie

Disclosure: Thanks so much to Knot Genie for making it so easy to untangle my unruly hair! This is a must have for Mom & Baby and also a great stocking stuffer!

My Review:
I've also had hard to comb naughty (knotty) hair :) I've tried wide tooth combs and sprays, which work but still are very uncomfortable. That's why I love Knot Genie. It's a good quality comb/brush that fits in your hand and removes knots in your hair easily without feeling a thing! Very much like her Momma, my daugher has the same issue. In the mornings before school she runs from me when I pull out her hair accessories. However, now that we use Knot Genie she is no longer running because it doesn't hurt her sensitive scalp. I'm finally able to pull of the side pony and our mornings are as happy as can be!

Click here for a short Knot Genie video. The design choices are so pretty ( I love Peaceful Pink) and are available for everyone in the family: Knot Genie, Teeny Genie, Genie Supreme, Teeny Groom Genie, and Groom Genie.

I highly recommend this product in every household. If your daughter is anything like mine who hides the moment she sees a brush - then you are going to love this product!

What do you think? Have you tried Knot Genie? What are your thoughts? Would love to hear from you!

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Breathe Easy with CLEARinse

Disclosure: Thanks to CLEARinse for sponsoring this post. Your product is not only smart but absolutely necessary in every household!

Runny nose making you feel a little down? It's definitely that time of the year where everywhere I turn someone is sniffling. It's unavoidable but at least you can be prepared. One product that really helps is CLEARinse.

How it works:
CLEARinse uses a custom pump system, recommended by doctors, that creates similar flow and pressure settings used in doctor’s offices and hospitals to clear noses. It is the only device on the consumer market that both irrigates and aspirates the nose, making the recommended procedure more streamlined and easy to perform.

Why I love:
It's easy to use and portable. No red nose, box of tissues or trash bag necessary (which is really gross anyhow). Not only is this product affordable, it lasts. Safe for the entire family - including babies! Currently I'm on Day 2 of my cold and already feeling better. My nose is still stuffy but it's not unbearable or grossly raw from tissues (even though they say plus lotion it still hurts). After using CLEARinse I start to sound normal and not so congested. I'm also so happy that it's very easy to clean.

Now available at CVS.com or you can purchase online here.

What do you think? Have you tried CLEARinse? I would love to get your feedback!

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Mom Must Have Baby Products

Disclosure: Thank you so much to Sister Chic for making such smart baby products. I just love your delightful designs and durable baby accessories.

Dropper Stopper Review:
The Dropper Stopper is exactly what it sounds like. Made with flexible material the Dropper Stopper prevents dropped baby items from ever hitting the dirty floor. If you weren't a germ·o·phobe before having a baby you probably are now considering it's no fun for any parent & baby to be sick from all the yuckies floating around in kid friendly environments. The Dropper Stopper wraps around strollers, highchairs and baby carriers while on the opposite end secures sippy cups, bottles, toys and more. This item is a Winner of the Moms Best Award and comes in 5 fabulous patterns. Made with quality material and variety of snaps the length can be easily modified.

Binki Band Review:
Just like the Dropper Stopper the Binki Bands are essential to keeping passing pacifiers off the floor and free of germs. The clip is very strong and is compatiable with Mam, Soothie and Avent pacifiers. Binki Bands also help to put an end to the pick-up-game many tots enjoy :) Binki Bands come in 12 stylish patterns.

Tushy Tote Review:
The Tushy Tote is a Mom Must Have. Washable, Wipe-able and holds everything needed for running errands or stroller walks without the hassle of a heavy diaper bag. I also like using in my diaper bag because it's easy to find. The large pocket provides room for diapers, wipes, cellphone and keys. It also allows moms to secure it their wrists or stroller for hands free running. Available in 9 lovely designs.

Have you tried any of the Sister Chic products? What's your fave. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Click here to purchase Sister Chic products online or click here to find a store near you.