Utility Tip Review & 10% Promo

Disclosure: Thank you Utility Tip for sending me your one of a kind ear cleaners. These are the best ear cleaners on the market and I'm thankful for the opportunity to try and share with my readers!

About Utility Tip:
Utility Tip is an alternative to cotton swab ear cleansers that are uniquely designed to remove wax and are most effectively used by applying a delicate twisting and pulling technique. They are made from a recyclable plastic and come in white or blue and the only difference between the two are the color.

Utips are proudly made in the USA in Idaho by the Development Workshop who's mission is "to assist individuals who have a disability or who are disadvantaged to recognize and to achieve their chosen level of economic and social independence. They mold and package the Utips and do a phenomenal job.

Utips are Endorsed by an Ear Nose Throat Surgeon, Dr Morgan G. Yost, a board certified Otolaryngologist and artists Shamans Harvest and Dylan Jakobsen. The Utip is growing quickly which tells us that people are ready for a change with ear health. The future of the cotton swab has arrived.

My Review:
I've always had an issue with cotton swabs. Something about cotton in my ear just never felt right so I was intrigued when I found Utility Tip. Utility Tip picks up at least 90% more earwax than a cotton swab. Yes, it does feel different but it's just an adjustment. Knowing that Utip is doctor recommended is a huge factor factor for me switching. Also, because Utip is made from plastic it is recyclable. So not only are you bettering your health, you are also saving the environment and money too. Overall, I'm very impressed and highly recommend giving a try.

You can purchuse Utility tip on their website here or on Amazon here. Use Code: FAQ for a 10% discount.

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What do you think? Have you tried Utility Tip? Would love to hear your thoughts. :)

La Jolie Muse Review

Disclosure: Thanks so much La Jolie Muse for sending me your tableware. I am enamored by your beautifully designed and high quality dishes.

My Review:
I was sent the Cheese Board Set, Turquoise Dinner & Salad Plate, Vintage Dinner & Salad Plate & White Porcelain Dinner & Salad Plate. I’m impressed by the high quality of the dishes. The style of these pieces are just darling and the perfect serving size. If you are looking for unique tableware La Jolie Muse is the perfect fit for an aspiring hostess.

Here are some pictures of how I have incorporated La Jolie Muse in my home.

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David Oreck Timber Candle Review

Disclosure: Thanks so much to The David Oreck Candle Company for sending me your Timber candle for review. Your candles are my favorite!

My Review: The David Oreck Candle Company reached out and asked if I would like to try one of their newest candles and I happily accepted. I've tried David Oreck Candles in the past so I was sure I wouldn't be disappointed and I was right!

I picked the Timber candle from the Rugged Collection. I wanted to try a scent that would excite the hubby as well. Their are 3 candles available in the Rugged Collection; Midnight Magic, Timber & Black Diamond). I choose the Timber candle as I thought it would be a perfect fit for the colder weather we are experiencing this year in Charleston (can you believe it snowed!).

The Timber scent is ah-mazing! Warm and woodsy made for men in mind but loved by everyone ...truly! I received countless compliments from our house guests and most importantly the hubby couldn't get enough of either. The Timber candle has earthy notes that make it sophisticated and inviting. The scent from this candle filled our entire living area and lingered for hours. Each candle is made from natural soy wax and burns for approximately 50 hours.

To sum up my review I would say that David Oreck candles are a must have at all times!

What do you think? Have you tried any candles from The David Oreck Candle Company? What's your favorite scent? Would love to hear your feedback.

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P.S. Not only does The David Oreck Candle Company sell candles but they have other goodies as well. Like these shower bursts! I think this is a must try as well. Happy Shopping :)

Victoria Emerson Review

Disclosure: Thanks so much to Victoria Emerson for sending me your Wrap Bracelet and Cuff to review. I love making a fashion statement with your gorgeous bling. I'm obssessed with your luxurious leather wrap bracelets, wrap bracelets, vegan wrap bracelets, statement necklaces and statement bracelets!

My Review:
Boho meets glam!
I'm so delighted that I had the opportunity to work with Victoria Emerson. I'm always on the lookout for beautiful jewelry and I couldn't be more impressed with Victoria Emerson. When it comes to jewelry, I like simplistic, beautiful, quality jewelry. My style is a bit boho, sporty and glam and I can't believe that I actually found a company that embraces all of these styles into one to create such stunning jewelry.

Wrap Bracelet:
Here are my thoughts on the September Wrap Bracelet-
I have owned many wrap bracelets, and I have to say with all honestly that this is the best quality wrap that I have tried. I live a pretty active lifestyle and typically within a month I see a lot of wear to my wrap bracelets. My wrap bracelet today looks almost exactly like it did when it first arrived!

I reviewed the Attica Cuff and here are my thoughts -
Oh em gee do I LOVE this cuff. First of all, it's gorgeous. I love that you can wear this cuff with pretty much anything. It's a perfect for almost any outfit. Secondly, I love how easy the magnetic clasp is. The quality and design of this bracelet is ah-mazing!

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What do you think? Have you tried Victoria Emerson? I would love to hear what you think!

Zia Botanicals Rose Water

Disclosure: Thank you Zia Botanicals for sending me your Rose Water Facial Toner. My skin feels so refreshed and lovely thanks to your top rated hydrating toner!

My Review:
This spritz is easy to use and gentle on even those most sensitive skin types. Just spray directly onto face after cleansing, or apply to cotton pad. Layer under your favorite moisturizer, use alone to refresh or set makeup, wonderful gentle healing toner for acne. Using Rosewater as a toner helps maintain your skin's pH balance and controls excess oil. Rose water has antibacterial properties that help reduce acne and unclog pores. Rose water is gentle and helps hydrate and moisturize skin.

Since using Zia Botanicals Rose water, my skin feels beautiful and I have noticed a noticeable improvement. My face looks and feels brighter and any redness that I have has dramatically decreased. My fine lines are less visible and I believe it's because of how hydrated my face is.

I use the spray in the morning and night after cleansing andthe day as a refresher.The scent is just lovely and gives me a nice boost. It is said that Rose water is a mood enhancer and can rid feelings of anxiety and I have to agree.

Overall, I'm not surprised that Zia Botanicals Rose water spritz is top rated. I am so impressed by this product and will continue to use in my skin care routine. Also, unlike many highly rated products, this toner is wallet friendly. Currently, this product is on sale and you can purchase for $13.74 (was $26.99)

To purchase Zia Botanicals Rose Water spray Click Here.

*Quick Tip*
I spray my Rose water on my pillow at night which helps me feel asleep fast and I wake up refreshed an alert!To buy the Zia Botanicals Rose Water Spritz, Click Here. What do you think? Have you tried any Zia Botanical products? I would love to hear your thoughts.