Jamie Raquel LifeSTYLE file tote Review

In this digital age of cell phones, computers, laptops and BlackBerrys, paper documents and files have yet to become extinct. In fact, they are piling up everywhere: in our office, in our home and even in our car. That’s why I LOVE the Jamie Raquel LifeSTYLE file Tote. I am super organized with everything in my life BUT my filing system. For some reason I have never been able to pull it together when it comes to filing papers. However, that was all before my playful lime LifeStyle file tote came into my life. Now I am so happy and relieved to finally have it all organized in one really awesome tote (and the hubby is much happier that I can find my documents more easily now too)!

Why it’s so lovable
*Holds standard letter-size hanging files (not included).
*Sturdy, boxy construction keeps papers free of wrinkles and dog-eared corners.
*Large, open-top design provides easy view and access of files.
*No more lost papers sliding to the bottom of your bag.
*Search for any document easily at your fingertips, not buried under a pile.
*Outer fabric is luxuriously smooth with handles that are cross-stitched and reinforced with studs for durability.
*Lining is multi-colored fabric with pockets for phone, pens, business cards, etc.
*Core is made of sturdy, modified-density fiberboard, not cardboard so file rods can withstand heavy paper weight.
*Seven color designs from which to choose.
*Bag stays upright when set down.
*Security strap prevents files from spilling.
*Bottom of tote has reinforced cleats to protect fabric from nicks.

Diana Peck, founder of Jamie Raquel, Inc. aims to put those piles of files in order and in vogue. They redesigned the file box by adding glamour and style. Peck says, image counts. She wants us to stop carrying our files in a cardboard or plastic file box or stacked in our arms in a messy heap. A file tote not only provides the benefit of staying organized, it’s also attractive and feminine.

The LifeSTYLE file tote is a hybrid design, both a file box and a handbag. The core is made of fiberboard, with the body of the tote constructed as a box. Imbedded in the core are two six-inch file rods, which hold standard letter-size hanging files. The interior has three pockets for phone, PDA, pens, business cards, etc. The outer material is smooth faux leather available in bright, vibrant colors, each with coordinating, multi-colored lining. The tote can be used to store files on a desk top and has purse handles to take it on the go. The large, open-top design provides easy view and access to files and paper. Peck says when she throws in a calculator, stapler and other essentials, her tote becomes a portable office.

“It perfectly combines affordability, functionality and style in one very cool package,” said Dena Pasis of About.com Guide to Personal Organizing. “You will wonder how you ever lived without it.” Pasis voted it one of her Top 5 Organizing Products for 2009. Check out Jamie Raquel’s tote store here and start off on the right foot in 2010!


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