I heart SmashBurger!

I like to eat out but finding restaurants that offer low-calorie meals is a differant story. So when I found SmashBurger I couldn't wait to share with my readers!

The reason they call themselves SmashBurger is because that’s how they cook their burgers—they start with 100% Certified Angus Beef then smash, sear and season it on the grill creating burger magic.

I went to the Oceanside, CA location and I have to give the customer service rating an A+. The female that placed my order was very well in tune with the Smashburger menu and was so polite, I couldn't help but be impressed :)

Menu items less than 500 calories:

Chicken Sandwiches
-Classic grilled chicken sandwich: 430 calories
-Spinach and goat cheese with grilled chicken: 410 calories

-Baja cobb salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinaigrette- 490 calories
-Caesar salad with grilled chicken- 270 calories
-Spinach and goat cheese salad with balsamic vinaigrette- 450
-BBQ Ranch salad with grilled chicken and BBQ sauce-480
-Wedge salad with grilled chicken- 430

-French fries- 460 calories
-Sweet potato fries- 460
-Fried pickles- 210
-Veggie frites-110
-Small wedge salad- 490

Kids meals
-Kids hot dog-460
-Kids chicken strips with ranch dressing- 450
-Kinds chicken strips with BBQ sauce- 370
-Kids fries 270

Okay, so here are my favorite menu items:

Spinach and goat cheese with grilled chicken just melts in your mouth! I seriously can't get enough of this sandwich! The sweet potato fries are DELISH! Get the SmashBurger fries cooked in olive oil and rosemary, you won't be disappointed. The Baja Cobb salad is my favorite salad. Just enough spice and so filling unlike typical low cal salads that leave you crying for more food. I also LOVE the veggie frites, at 110 calories how can you go wrong!

So to find a SmashBurger near you click here. Also, keep up with the latest news from SmashBurger on facebook and twitter.


  1. the salads sound delicious :)

  2. Their entrees sound delicious!

  3. Smashburger sounds tasty!! Too bad the closest one to me is 4-5 hours away. :(

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I appreciate the comment! :)

    The Crafty Military Wife

  4. those sound so YUMMY!!! that is something that i will def for sure have to try to find!!


  5. I have a SmashBurger like 5 miles away from me...LOVE this place, although I've never gone the healthy route and ordered a salad :/ I'll have to try one next time


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