Naked Sports Gear

Like to workout outdoors but hate tan lines? Then you have to check out Naked Sports Gear!

I just LOVE this bra and here's why: the mesh on the back and shoulders portion of the bra functions as a SPF 7-10. Apply sunscreen to all areas of skin that will be exposed to the sun INCLUDING what will be covered by the micromash! This will allow you to get the most even tan possible, while protecting your skin!

Honestly, not only is this bra innovative but it's super comfy! When wearing it I don't feel constricted like some of my other sports bras and I just heart how pretty they are!!

An interesting fact I learned about the Naked Sports bra is that it is a successfully backed Kickstarter project, a site that helps new and creative ideas get funding. In seven days, a funding goal of $10,000 was met and exceeded, concluding a total contribution of more than $13,000 from 138 backers.

To purchase your Naked Bra click here. Also, make sure to keep up with the latest from Naked Sports Gear on facebook!


  1. Wow, so interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing! This is such an interesting idea :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I've never heard of this brand of sports bra, so I'm excited to look into buying one!

  4. Wow, that's a pretty cool concept! I liked the way they look before I read about what they do, but I do like that I could wear them for running outside. I won't be doing that for a while though! =]

  5. Great!!! :)
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  6. Hmm..I'll have to look into those!! They are pretty but I can't wear just a sports bra out when I'm jogging.....

  7. Sure I follow you back dear! :) I like your blog a lot! :)

  8. Haha, that's such a cool idea!
    I follow you from right now, your blog is awesome :)


  9. ok, interesting post.
    i have kinda big breast and if this can help i'd be greatful.


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