Peel, Stick, Peel... Smile!

Okay...I hate to admit but I have frown lines :(
Botox scares me so I started to look into alternative ways to avoid the needle and I found the perfect remedy...Furlesse. I LOVE Furlesse. I have tried many creams and other anti-wrinkle patches but Furlesse is by far my favorite.

Here's why I love Furlesse SO much:
- Clear patches: Wearing something that stands out would probably make me frown even more & that's what I'm trying to avoid lol I love that these are invisible.

- Stays on all night: There is nothing more discouraging than waking up in the morning to find that your anti-wrinkle patch has gone m.i.a. ... these babies stay on all night so you can stop fretting.

- Comes off easily: I have super sensitive skin which doesn't like pain lol. These are painless to peel off. Furlesse contains NO latex and is hypoallergenic.

The product line includes:
-elevens (frown line reducing patches)
-crows (eye line reducing patches)
-lip-sticks (lip and expression line reducing patches)
-rows (forehead line reducing patches)

What I love the most about this product is that it actually works! I was amazed with the results the next morning. I was surprised at how much my lines had minimized!! First intended to be worn at night, many people are now using them during the day while driving, working at home, sunbathing or for a quick fix for a big night out! This product is fabulous!

To buy Furlesse click here. Also, make sure to keep up with their latest on facebook!


  1. Thanks so much for telling us of this.
    Like you I do not want to have botox, so something that will help get rid of the elevens, will be great.
    Will look into this.

    Happy week

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  3. this sounds really interesting - definitely something to try!

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  5. Interesting! Botox is scary so this sounds like a great alternative.

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    Besos !!

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  8. what an interesting product thank for the review going to go check them out

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  10. these sound great--can they also do mini face lifts?

  11. Really cool! I love recommendations! I will look into these. :)

  12. very cute! thanks for the recommendations:)

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