RazorPit Review & Giveaway!

Save money on razor blades!
Razorpit is absolutely genius! Razor blades are expensive but feel dull after only a few shaves. RazorPit cleans and sharpen the blade, giving you a sharp blade for months.

I'm obsessed. Up to 150 shaves with one Razor Blade! Works with all Razor Blades. I'm truly amazed at how well this product lives up to its reputation. I also love the sleek design of this docking station.

Super easy to use
1. Put a little bit of shaving product on sharpening pad
2. Push razor down and forward (against shaving direction)
3. Rinse off with water & store in docking station.

Check it out here!

Lucky for Domestic Sweetheart Readers...one lucky winner will get their chance to try this fabulous product courtesy of Razor Pit. Good Luck!

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  1. OMG! I love this! Gotta try it. Thank you very much for sharing.

  2. Hi - I couldn't figure out exactly how to share the post on FB.... do you want us to share the link to this/your blog post? I can do that. Let me know. Please email me. Thanks! :)

  3. This sounds terrific. I can't tell you how many different razors I've tried. Most of them have been a disappointment. And the ones that I do like don't last that long.

  4. I use my husbands razor so I am not sure how often he changes it ;)

  5. thanks a lot for your comment !! We are very happy to welcome you as our new follower :)

  6. Great stocking stuffer for myself...lol! I don't have facebook, yet.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  7. This looks like a really cool product!!!

  8. That's an amazing idea! I've heard about it for all other types of blades, how have women's razors been left out so long?

  9. Looks like I could use one myself.
    Sounds so cool to use.

  10. nice nice.. i think every girl need this one.. include me.. hehe


  11. Great giveaway! I usually end up using about 4 razors a month! ugh!


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