Rocky Mountain Popcorn is SO delish!

Did you know that popcorn is a great source of protein, with more protein than any other whole grain? Popcorn also has more iron content per serving than spinach or eggs! What most people don’t know is that popcorn is high in antioxidants, most notably the plant extract polyphenol. This chemical is of the same family of chemicals that contributes to the health benefits of foods like red wine, chocolate, tea, and olive oil.

Now that you know how good popcorn is for you, i'm so excited to tell you that I've just tasted THE BEST popcorn ever! Rocky Mountain Popcorn is all natural, gluten-free, and certified non-GMO kernels. There are so many delicious flavors to choose from such as: White Cheddar, Caramel (my absolute fav!)Cinnamon Sugar, Kettle Corn, Jalapeno, Butter, Southwest Cheddar and Naked.

If you would like to try the best darn popcorn you've ever tasted Rocky Mountain is running a current "Tired of Valentine's Chocolate" promotion on Share Size Savory Popcorn: Naked, Jalapeno, White Cheddar and Butter only. Use coupon code: SavorySale at checkout! Click here to buy online. Happy Munching :)

P.S. Wanna try Rocky Mountain's newest popcorn addition Poplets? Email for a free sample - page link here!


  1. Yummmm that sounds so delish!! I'm not sure which flavour I would enjoy the most - possibly Jalepeno! Yum.

  2. OMG! I want to try caramel ones!! It sounds so tasty and delicious!


  3. I didn't know all this about popcorn! Now I have so many excuses to eat it. :-)

  4. OMG! I am sitting here with my daughter eating popcorn and watching Mary Poppins! It's good to know what we are stuffing our faces with right now isn't so bad! Ha! Ha!

    thanks so much for the post and I am your newest follower!


  5. Yummm! I had no idea popcorn had any nutritional value! Now I won't feel as bad when I eat it!

  6. Good to know :)
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  7. sounds great :)
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  8. Very yummy! I didn't know that about the iron! Very interesting!

  9. great to know--i love love popcorn!

  10. Great info! Sounds yummy!
    Happy March to you!

  11. That sound yummy! love popcorn. :)

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  12. Love carmel popcorn! I've never had Rocky Mountain POpcorn! I will have to look into ordering some!


    Erin @

  13. OMG! I just bought this at the airport...I ate the entire bag in 5 min, it was so good!

  14. Whaha I guess the added sugar and sweet flavours compensate for the healthy part ;) But sounds good!



  15. I didn't know that! Thanks for the info. :)

  16. Popcorn has got proteins? wow, I did not know this at all! Looks really delicious :)

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  18. never tried before, but it looks delish!

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  19. I love salt and butter popcorn! Now I won't feel guilty when I gorge down a full bowl!!
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