Customize your H20!

I drink a lot of water daily. My favorite way to drink water is with cucumber and lemon. So it’s no surprise that I have fallen in love with my Zing Anything!

Here’s how it works:
The Citrus Zinger water bottle works by subtly infusing water with flavors. From cucumber to lemon and lime, to blackberries, kiwi, strawberry, raspberry, peach, ginger, or even mint and basil – your Citrus Zinger can infuse them all. Mix and match and get creative; the flavors and ingredients are only limited by your imagination.

Here’s some ideas that I’m going to try. What would you Zing?

*Note: I discarded the cucumber after "zinging" that is why you will only see the lemon in the bottom lid of my photo :)

Lemon & Orange
Lime & Honey
Lemon & Cucumber (I've done this one before it's my fav.!)
Orange Mint
Orange Lemon & Green Apple

Oh, and it’s leak-proof! I’m so excited that I can now carry my creations with me everywhere I go!
To purchase your Zing Anything click here. Happy sipping!


  1. I also drink lots of water every day; but I never add anything to it..

  2. Hello from Spain: thanks for your visit to my blog dedicated to Barbies. Since I became a follower of your blog. I like your style. I drink very much water everyday. Keep in touch

  3. This is so cool!!!
    I want one!

  4. Hi lovely, tnx for visiting and following (followed back as Ivana, no picture) :-)
    Regarding your post.., it s great that you dring water so much, I alway foget how important is ... :-)

  5. I like this idea! I drink a lot of water!

  6. I've never seen that before! Cool!

  7. mmm! I love water with citrus! ♥

  8. okay i love lemon in my water and cucumber water, but i've never tried both at the saem time, why didnt i tihnk of this!! totally going to try, thanks for sharing!!

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  10. That looks delicious and fresh. Cute blog!

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  11. I do love cucumber blended with water...its actually really lovely! Wish I was more dedicated to do it more often! Hope you are having a lovely week my dear! And I must check out the Bomb Girls soon!
    May xx

  12. lovely pictures

  13. Cucumber is so refreshing. Adding fruit to water is a great way to change the flavor. Great blog name by the way, from your newest follower, Linda

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