My neatfreak everfresh Stylish Hamper Bag!

I just love my neatfreak Stylish Hamper Bag!

Before using neatfreak I was using a tall wicker basket to hide my dirty laundry (no punt intended). Pretty but not efficient. Lugging my old heavy basket around was a pain but I couldn't seem to find another efficient (easily folds up when you need to take with you!), stylish and lightweight solution until I happened upon neatfreak!

Not only did it fit all of my requirements but my neatfreak Stylish Hamper Bag is eco-friendly too! Here's How: Environmentally friendly enzymes are built into the fabric that work continuously to reduce odor resulting in a fresh and clean laundry bag, basket or hamper ALWAYS. neatfreak’s everfresh® proprietary patent technology, is a natural way to reduce odor in your laundry accessories. Unlike the popular antimicrobials which are regulated pesticides, or silver ion technology, which is a heavy metal, everfresh® is natural, green solution that prevents odor.

neatfreak's everfresh hamper is:
100% natural
100% environmentally friendly
Non-toxic, safe for people and pets

To purchase the neatfreak Stylish Hamper Bag or other cool neatfreak organization products click here. Follow neatfreak on facebook for the latest updates and promos.


  1. I never saw that before. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. this is stylish and pretty.

    thanks for sharing
    i want one!

    happy mother's day weekend~

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  4. Interesting...never heard of this product before. But a good idea! Hope you've had a lovely weekend my dear!
    May x


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