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Being a single mom is a tough job! Someone who is very dear to me was a single mom for the first 4 years raising her son (she's recently engaged to a wonderful man!). I watched her struggle to provide for her son with little help. I would sit for hours on the phone with her (we live 3,000 miles apart) and let her vent about all the obstacles she was facing doing her best to raise her son on her own.

Playing the part of both mother and father was overwhelming and to my dismay outsiders to her situation would make terrible comments such as "too many parents today are not married and it's the child who suffers and grows up to be dysfunctional". Determined to give her son the world, she never let these people get in her way and she has done an amazing job creating a beautiful life for the two of them.

Not all things in life turn out the way we have planned in our mind. During her pregnancy she thought her son's father would be there to help her love and raise her son. Unfortuanately, he wasn't. What I noticed more than anything else during her struggles is that she didn't have a strong support network. I cannot stress how IMPORTANT this is.

I was recently contacted by Single Mom Planet who asked me to reach out to my readers and share their website. After checking out their site I was so thrilled they found me. This site is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Some of the topics discussed are: Fashion/Beauty, Food Recipes, Health and Fitness, Love/Dating and events that help support single moms. One of the Single Mom Planet's key note speakers is Shanna Moakler (Just heart her)!

SO PLEASE! Let's help empower single moms everywhere. Can you please share this post with your readers? It would be greatly appreciated. Also, leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the website! Single Mom Planet and I would love to hear from you. Thanks SO much for your help spreading the love! xoxoxo


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