Bombshell Blowout with HANA

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Love the look of a professional blowout but just can't seem to achieve at home? Well let me introduce you to HANA! HANAair hairdyer is the Premiere Hair Dryer.

And here are just some of the reasons as to why I love HANA!

*Proprietary design allows for equivalent of 2300 Watts (that means quick drying time for you!)

*Ceramic Heater provides most advanced Far Infared Ionic Heat (Ionic hair dryers help your hair retain the moisture essential to maintaining it’s elasticity and preventing breakage - think smooth silky hair)

*Tourmaline & Titanium Oxide Technology for anti-bacterial protection adds durability and is easy to clean

*Long Lasting Motor with quiet operation

*Gyroscopically balanced for easy handling

*Fiberglass Concentrator Attachment Italian Design 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

*HANAair hairdyer was voted the Premier Hair Dryer Two Consecutive years and it's no surprise as to why...this hairdyer simply rocks!

How to Blow Dry your hair

Step 1: Prep
No matter what type of hair you ALWAYS need to remove excess moisture before styling

*Blot freshly washed strands with a towel (rubbing causes frizz); detangle with a wide-tooth comb.

*Add a styling product made for your hair type

*Rough-dry to remove excess moisture.

Step 2: Section

I section my hair in 3 parts. Top and both sides. Using clips seem to be easiest for me.

Step 3: Blowout
Remove 1-4 inches of hair from section at a time and  sandwich your hair between a brush and your dryer as you move down the section of hair. I use a paddle brush since I'm not skilled enough to use a round brush and also it creates a more sleek look.

Picture Courtesy of Cosmo. Read how to achieve the Kate Middleton Blowout here!

Step 4: Gloss & Go!
I use Moroccan oil starting at the bottom of my strands and add any leftover to my flyaways on the top of my head! Now that your glossed up, your ready to face the day with your perfect at home blowout!

To purchase your HANAair Premiere Hair Dryer click here. Follow MisikkoBeauty on Facebook where they offer great hair advice and run giveaways for some of their most popular products like their Ceramic Flat Irons.


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