40 Bouqs ALL $40 with shipping included {Use Bouqs for your next Flower Delivery!}

I just LOVE ordering flowers from the Bouqs Flower Company! Fresh and Beautiful flowers from Eco-Friendly Farms for $40 (NO HIDDEN FEES)and ALWAYS Free Shipping!

Here's a great video that explains just how the Bouqs works.

Here are some pics of my Bouqs order below. I just love the pretty packaging and the thoughtful card attached to the inside of the box.

My gorgeous Bouqs!

What do you think? Have you tried the Bouqs yet? Would love to hear your thoughts.

To order your Bouqs click here. Also, save 25% when you sign up for their Concierge Service.

Basically you can customize to send:
• For important dates
• As a random surprise
• Or weekly monthly

How cool is that! Happy shopping!


  1. Ecuador? Really! Never heard of these people before! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful flowers!

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