Pump Anytime, Anywhere, & Around Anyone with Freemie!

During my pregnancy I decided that I was going to give breastfeeding a try. With so many benefits to baby and mom I figured that it was worth it to give it my all. I took a couple of classes and spoke to other moms who had nursed their babies so I knew the benefits but also the challenges.

Since, I'm able to stay at home with my daughter I decided that I would mostly breastfeed but I also knew there were going to be times when I would need to pump. That's why I was so happy when Freemie agreed to work with me and send me their Manual Breast Pump and Hands Free Concealable Breast Pump Collection System to review.

Since, I would only be pumping on occasion I decided that the Manual Breast Pump was best suited for my needs.

What I love about the Freemie Manual Breast Pump:

Easy to use - Easy to prepare the Freemie Pump. Boil parts for 10 mins. & assemble in seconds.

Easy to clean - With only 4 parts (not including tubing) it's very easy to take care of your Freemie Pump.

Travel Friendly - I found compared to other breast pumps the Freemie Manual Breast Pump was more petite which makes it easier to pack.

Easy to conceal - Freemie Pumps fit right into your bra compared to other pumps that you have to hold which makes for a much more comfortable pumping session. While I'm using my Freemie System I can check my email/phone messages or just relax with a cup of my Mother's Milk Tea & book or magazine next to me.

Wallet Friendly - Freemie Pumps are well worth the price of $69.95

===Watch how the Freemie System Works here!===

If you would like to purchase the Freemie Breast Pump Collection you can click here. What do you think...have you tried Freemie Pumps? I would love to hear your feedback!


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