What's in my Hospital Bag?

1. Freemie Equality Breast Pump - I've decided to try and breastfeed. For those times I'm unable to breastfeed I will be using the Freemie Equality Breast Pump. I'm bringing my pump with me so that my Lactation Consultant can show me the ins and outs on how to be successful :)

2. Lily Jade Medium "Baby Bag" Organizer in Khaki - I just love this diaper bag organizer from Lily Jade. So many pockets and easy to transfer to different bags. Durable and efficient...it's genius!

3. Miracle Blanket - World's most Pediatrician-Recommended Swaddler. Instructions are easy and I just love the soft fabric and fun designs.

4. Shrinkx Belly Wrap- Helps shrink the uterus and offers support. Very excited to try!! Great reviews.

5. DRIA Nursing Cover - Versatile & Stylish. I'm head over heels in love with this chic and super soft nursing cover which can also be used as a car seat & stroller canopy.

6. Okabashi- Watermelon Maui Flip Flops These are my favorite flips! So comfy and I just love the color.

7. Pretty Pushers Labor Gown from Milk & Baby - Look pretty in the delivery room with this 100% Cotton, Disposable gown.

Not Pictured:
*Hubby Bag - Pajama's, tee shirt, and sweatshirt. I also packed his deodorant & toothbrush in our toiletry bag :)
*Birth plan & other paperwork
*Cash - For vending machine
*Nursing Pads & Nipple Cream(we are lucky that our hospital provides these items for us!)
*iPhone, iPad, Charger - For photos, music, texting and more :)

What about you? What did you pack in your hospital bag? Have you tried any of my faves? What are your thoughts? Would love to hear them!

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  1. I love the Pretty Pushers gowns!

  2. So happy for you ;o) You are really organized!! Sending many blessings ;o)
    I have no children. So, I haven't packed any hospital bags! LOL! But, I have to say, Werther's Candy are my favourites ;o) LOL!


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