Review: Pura Naturals Soap Infused Sponges

There is not a lot of alone time when you become a new mommy. So after I put my daughter down for the night I really look forward to unwinding with a nice long hot shower.

So I was super excited when Pura Naturals agreed to have me review their natural soap infused sponges!

Why Pura Naturals soap is so great!
No latex
No artificial colors
No artificial fragrances
No petrochemicals
No parabens
No phthalates
No synthetic ingredients
No animal products (vegan-friendly)
No animal testing (cruelty-free)!

Pura Naturals LLC was founded in 2013 as the consumer products arm of Advanced Innovative Recovery Technology, Inc. (AIRTech). Conceived in response to the ongoing degradation of the Earth’s oceans, lakes and rivers, AIRTech commercialized a unique, EPA-approved foam technology designed to rapidly and effectively remove toxic pollutants from waterways. Sensing that the material could be used for other applications, Pura
Naturals has created a line of personal care products to help people clean better, live better and be better.

My Review
I'm smitten! These sponges are super durable and last forever. I also love that they are easy to travel with and leave no yucky soap scum in your shower. I have very sensitive skin and these sponges worked great for me - leaving no red marks behind. I also love the intoxicating aroma of the infused sponges - absolutely delicious!

My fave sponge is the Face Slice Sponge. I felt lighter and fresher instantly. Because of how long these sponges last and how well they work they are very much worth the purchase!

To buy Pura Naturals Soap Sponges you can click here. Have you tried Pura Naturals Sponges? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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