Misfit Shine Review

Disclosure: Thank you to Misfit for sponsoring this post and for helping me to stay fit in 2015!

Since I became a mommy 7 months ago my fitness routine has been pretty minimal. I had an unplanned Csection which set me back a bit and trying to find time has become more and more difficult. I have worked out a couple of times but nothing so far has really seemed to stick. I vowed to make 2015 my year to be strong. Lately I feel like I have very little energy which may have something to do with learning I have an overactive thyroid due to my pregnancy.

Excuses aside, I know that the only way that I can feel better is to take care of my body with diet & fitness. It's time to put down the ice cream and put on my sneakers.

To help me get fit Misfit the makers of Shine sent me the Misfit Shine in Coral which retails for $99.99 which includes a clasp and wristaband & their Shine Metal Mesh Band which retails for $49.99.

How it works:
Shine is easy to setup. I typically have to ask Mr. Sweetheart for help putting together my electronics or let's be honest anything that comes with instructions - but I was proud of myself for figuring this out on my own! Here's a breakdown of what to expect.
1. Open Shine and insert battery
2. Link Shine. Download the Misfit Shine App and sync.
3. Attach Shine monitor to clasp, necklace or wristband.

Once, linked set a goal. Since I'm not signed up for a fitness routine I picked a lower level of fitness for a trial. Below is a snapshot of my daily activity so you can have an idea of how it works.

Daily Fitness
From here you can log exercise such as cycling, running, yoga, dancing, soccer. Also, upload your daily eats to keep track of your diet.

Sleep Tracker

Weight Goals

Find Misfit friends (signed up? I'm xoxowendy let's be friends!)

My final thoughts: I'm a Shine addict! Not only do I just heart all of the clever Misfit features I'm in love with the flawless and sophisticated design. Shine is waterproof, comfortable and never needs to be charged!

If you are looking to get motivated fitness wise this year I suggest you look into Misfit Shine. You will not be disappointed!

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  1. I'm looking into getting the Shine Coral. Is it the copper color that it looks in the photos on MisFit's website? or is it more orange/pink? Thanks!


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