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Disclosure: Thanks to DripDrop for sponsoring this post and keeping me hydrated & in charge of my overall health!

I'm not sure if you have been following some of my posts but I was recently diagnosed with an overactive thryoid. Unfortunately, this setback has been challenging for me. My hormones are totally out of whack and I feel tired and cranky often. So I started looking into ways on how I can improve my condition and get back on track.

After lots of research I knew that a key component to good health is hydration. So when I came across DripDrop I reached out to them and was elated that they wanted to work with me and sponsor this post.

What's DripDrop?

DripDrop is a scientifically proven ratio of salts, sugars, potassium and other ingredients that helps prevent and treat dehydration by absorbing more efficiently and replenshing fluids and electrolyts mroe effectively than any other hydration options.

Dehydration impacts 75% of Americans and is a hidden cause of ailments like fatigue, headache, stress and lack of focus. It can impair productivity up to 30%, reduces athletic performance and makes a bad cold even worse.

Why DripDrop is better than other hydration options:
*Hydrates 34% better than water alone
*Has 25% more electrolytes than pediatric drinks
*Contains 2-3 times more electrolytes than sports drinks
*Has 50% less sugar than sports drinks
*Has no artifical colors, flavors or other perservatives

DripDrop is a life saver!
DripDrop has been recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the most important medical advances of the last century. Oral Rehydration Solutions save the lives of over three million kids annually. DripDrop is also prefered method over IV therapy for mild to moderate dehdyration by UNICEF, the Centers for Disease Control and other groups.

My thoughts:
I love DripDrop! Not only did it work quickly the taste was light and refreshing. I've been using DripDrop as soon as I wake and it gives me the energey I need to start my morning - something I have been struggling with for quite some time. My fave flavor is berry. It's delicious. I highly reccomend trying DripDrop. DripDrop has been instrumental to my recovery and made me realize just how important hydration is to keep my body balanced! To purchase can be purchased online here or in many big retail stores such as CVS and Walgreens.

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