Your new fave home accessory! { Review}

Disclosure: Ah, it's time to talk pillows! I just love pillows and I was so so elated when reached out to me and asked if I would like to write a review. I want to give them a BIG thanks for sponsoring this post and for helping make my home even prettier with their stunning pillows!

I believe that everyone should have many pillows in their home. It's a way to dress up the living space and make it feel beautiful and cozy. Over the years, I have collected many pillows. Some of them have stayed and some of them I have replaced with new coverings to change the look and feel of my home. However, none of the pillows in my house came close to the quality, style and comfort offers.

My thoughts:
I'm very impressed by The are so many tasteful and striking design choices to choose from. I love how natural the pillows feel and the quality is remarkable.

The pillows I choose to review are:

Felt Garden Pillow
My absolute fave pillow out of all of them. I just love the feminine touch of floral and the natural color of the fabric!

Viviane Pillow
What a perfect fit for our beachy home. The blue peeking behind the print adds a pop of pretty color to this fabulous pillow.

Willow Pillow
I love this simple and beachy designed pillow. It goes with everything!

I have received so many compliments on my PillowCentral accessories and I'm so thrilled to show them off. When we recently moved we had to wait a LONG time before our belongings arrived. These pillows were one of the items I was most looking forward too :) Here are a couple of pics:

Here are two more pillows that I'm absolutely in love with! They would be a perfect fit for my bedroom makeover! is your home stylist! To find your perfect pillow fit for your home check out here. It's super easy to narrow your search by color, style, fabric, shape, prize, size, and filler. Oh, and did I mention Free Shipping on ALL orders!

What are your thoughts? Have you purchased any pillows? What designs and sizes would you choose for your casa? I would love to hear your feedback?

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  1. I'm confused how the site works, when I view it on my phone there is no option to order....or I'm blind ack

    1. Hey Michelle! We're sorry you're having trouble. What type of phone are you using? If you want to contact us at, we can help you out.

  2. I'm confused how the site works, when I view it on my phone there is no option to order....or I'm blind ack

  3. Throw pillows are such a great way to change out the look of a room. Thanks for passing this on.

  4. Those neutrals are so classy! And I'm loving the mixed patterns. :) We're so glad you enjoyed your pillows!


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