Enjoy 2 Free Meals - Courtesey of Blue Apron

Disclosure: Thank you to Blue Apron for sponsoring this post and helping me make 3 fabulous dishes for my family!

Yah, I'm so excited to share my review for Blue Apron! Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not much of a chef. I think it was Carrie Bradshaw that said "The only thing that I have sucessful made in the kitchen is a mess and several small fires" might actually apply to me :) That's why I mostly stick to my crock pot and very easy meals. It was Mr. Sweetheart who actually left the Blue Apron page open on my computer (a hint maybe?) and it definitely peaked my interest. Could I actually say goodbye to hours spent meal planning and grocery store shopping (another not so favourite of mine)?

How it works:

Select your plan, Select your dietary preferences, Enter shipping and billing information and Viola! Blue Apron does all the rest of the magic for you!

Option A
For 2 people and 2 meals a week the total is $59.94

Option B
Family plan and 4 meals a week the total is $139.84

My thoughts:
I tried the Salmon Burgers & Aioli, Pork Bolgonese and Chicken Pad Mao. I was so impressed with how Blue Apron packaged my items. They sent out a reminder email of what to expect and other emails to get me excited. All items arrived beautifully wrapped and everything was fresh and perfect. Every last ingredient (even butter) was accounted for. The recipes were detailed and pretty simple. My favourite dish was the Salmon Burgers but the Chicken Pad Mao was close in running. I loved that the meals were creative and healthy. My only critique was that I would have preferred good ole fashioned pasta vs. wheat pasta for the Pork Bolgonese but that is only because I'm not used to whole wheat pasta as of yet (Yes, I know it's better for you). Blue Apron is a food experience. My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed cooking together. I would say that because I wasn't too familiar with any of the recipes (remember I cook like Carrie Bradshaw) it was a little more time consuming to make with a toddler running around (not at all Blue Apron's fault). All-in-all my family and I really enjoyed our Blue Apron meals and will definitely be ordering more. I highly recommend trying it out for yourself.

To help get you started Blue Apron has generously given The Domestic Sweetheart a link for 2 free meals! For your 2 free Blue Apron Meals click here. Take advantage and let me know what you think. Would love to hear from you!


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