20% of Electric Yoga! {Electric Yoga Review}

Disclosure: Thank you SO much to Electric Yoga for sending me your Wonder Woman Top & Sexy Mesh Panel Leggings. Your yoga apparel is fabulous and I've fallen in love with your clothing.

Ahh, yoga pants. It's the uniform choice for ladies all over, especially us mommies. While I love wearing my yoga attire, I want to look cute as well. That's why I LOVE Electric Yoga!

Electric Yoga has a pleathora of stylish yoga outfits that will make you swoon. This is Quality yoga wear. You don't have to worry about pilling, fading or tears when purchasing from Electric Yoga. The colors are vibrant and the designs are fun which make me feel happy and gooey inside.

What I love about the most about my Wonder Woman Top is the fit is perfect and it's so breathable. The Ballerina Lace Up Leggings are insanely gorgeous. The Sexy Mesh Panel Leggings are just that. Sexy! There is a nifty little pocket sewn into the back of the pant, which is a big plus in my oponion. I love versatile clothing pieces and it's so nice to be able to fit my keys, credit card or cash into this pocket and it's also comfortable.

Electric Yoga sells tops, bottoms, outerwear & accesorries. Here are some of my other faves that I would love to add to my wardrobe!

V Neck Burnout Hoodie

Ultra Light Yoga Bag on Sale!

Needed V Neck

What do you think? Do you own Electric Yoga Apparel? I would love to hear your thougths.

Also, Electric Yoga is giving WWL readers a 20% discount!! Please use code: Wendy20 for your purchase.

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  4. These fabrics absorb sweat so that you stay dry and comfortable. Breathable yoga clothes are a perfect option. You'll feel fresher and more more focused. So make sure to read labels and be aware of what you are buying. http://bit.ly/2F5YRjD

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  6. My cousin is yoga instructor and Electric Yoga is one of her favorite brands as well. I also have two of their yoga pants that are of very good quality, but I don’t wear them that often because I only go for occasional yoga sessions. I’m more into jogging and sprinting, and my work out clothes usually include leggings and tank tops.


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