Breathe Easy with CLEARinse

Disclosure: Thanks to CLEARinse for sponsoring this post. Your product is not only smart but absolutely necessary in every household!

Runny nose making you feel a little down? It's definitely that time of the year where everywhere I turn someone is sniffling. It's unavoidable but at least you can be prepared. One product that really helps is CLEARinse.

How it works:
CLEARinse uses a custom pump system, recommended by doctors, that creates similar flow and pressure settings used in doctor’s offices and hospitals to clear noses. It is the only device on the consumer market that both irrigates and aspirates the nose, making the recommended procedure more streamlined and easy to perform.

Why I love:
It's easy to use and portable. No red nose, box of tissues or trash bag necessary (which is really gross anyhow). Not only is this product affordable, it lasts. Safe for the entire family - including babies! Currently I'm on Day 2 of my cold and already feeling better. My nose is still stuffy but it's not unbearable or grossly raw from tissues (even though they say plus lotion it still hurts). After using CLEARinse I start to sound normal and not so congested. I'm also so happy that it's very easy to clean.

Now available at or you can purchase online here.

What do you think? Have you tried CLEARinse? I would love to get your feedback!

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