Untangle naughty hair with Knot Genie

Disclosure: Thanks so much to Knot Genie for making it so easy to untangle my unruly hair! This is a must have for Mom & Baby and also a great stocking stuffer!

My Review:
I've also had hard to comb naughty (knotty) hair :) I've tried wide tooth combs and sprays, which work but still are very uncomfortable. That's why I love Knot Genie. It's a good quality comb/brush that fits in your hand and removes knots in your hair easily without feeling a thing! Very much like her Momma, my daugher has the same issue. In the mornings before school she runs from me when I pull out her hair accessories. However, now that we use Knot Genie she is no longer running because it doesn't hurt her sensitive scalp. I'm finally able to pull of the side pony and our mornings are as happy as can be!

Click here for a short Knot Genie video. The design choices are so pretty ( I love Peaceful Pink) and are available for everyone in the family: Knot Genie, Teeny Genie, Genie Supreme, Teeny Groom Genie, and Groom Genie.

I highly recommend this product in every household. If your daughter is anything like mine who hides the moment she sees a brush - then you are going to love this product!

What do you think? Have you tried Knot Genie? What are your thoughts? Would love to hear from you!

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