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Disclosure: Thank you so much to Pure Air Candles for sponsoring this post. Your candles the best!

I love having walking into a home and being invited by a wonderful welcoming aroma. I'm always on the hunt for candles or anything else scented to make my home feel like total bliss.

Recently, Pure Air Candles reached out to see if I would be interested in trying some of their new candles scents and I was delighted.

My Review:
I reviewed the Sweet Pea Odor Eliminator and Pure Air Tea Light Sample Package. First off, ALL of the scents were wonderful. There was not one scent I did not like. So not only was I impressed by how the variety but I was even more wowed by how long these candles last for. I feel like I have had my Sweet Pea candle for a very long time (probably about 2 months) and I'm still using. :)Another plus... Pure Air Candles is budget friendly!

You can buy Pure Air Candles here. Check them out...you won't be disappointed!

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