Dafni Hair Brush Review (Before + After)

Disclosure: Thank you so much to Dafni Hair. I will never have to suffer thru a bad hair day again!

I have naturally frizzy, dry, wavy/curly hair. I don't help matters much by blow drying and coloring my hair either.

That's why I'm so excited Dafni Hair agreed to work with me on this post.Literally, you can have beautiful hair in under 3 minutes and help your hair to repair from any over processing you may have.

Here is a real picture of my hair before using the Dafni brush. As you can see it's really awful. I let it dry naturally before using the Dafni brush.

As you can see in the after photo, my hair is 100x smoother. It took a total of 3 minutes (from plug in time) to achieve this.

I love that I didn't have to blow dry my hair, as it's time consuming, damaging & hot as heck.

This hair brush is amazing & I think the photos speak for themselves:-)

How to Use:
1. Start with DRY, TANGLE-FREE HAIR. In less than a minute, the light will be green and the brush will be ready to use.
2. Hold your hair at the end with one hand and make sure your hair gets DEEP into the purple area of the brush.
3. BRUSH SLOWLY from the root of the hair to the ends allowing the hair to properly absorb heat.

To purchase Dafni brush, click here.

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What do you think? Have you tried the Dafni brush? Would love to hear from you :-)


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