Dig It Gardening Gloves

I've found a new hobby this year and it's called pruning. We bought our house a little over a year ago and fell in love with the backyard. We have many different types of shrubs and trees (including a historical oak). However, the person who owned the house before us, kind of let it go a bit, so there was some work to do. So this year, while the weather was still cool in the South, I really got into cleaning it up. I spent almost every weekend for a month trimming during my daughter's naps. I really wanted to take notice of all the different plants we have so that I could properly maintenance them. By being out in the yard and taking the time to give each tree and shrub proper attention, I feel a bond now. :)

While enjoying my new hobby, I realized that I needed a proper pair of gardening gloves. I bought 2 generic pairs from Lowes and was so disappointed as the were in totally disrepair only after a few wears. So when Dig It agreed to work with me, I was elated!

About DIG IT:
Designed to work hard while protecting your nails from dirt and moisture. Perfect for gardening, sports or any DIY project. Dig It hand wear lets you tackle tough jobs without sacrificing style, comfort or your nails!

*Industrial Design Patent
*Reinforced pillow-top nail protector
*Water resistant
*Provides excellent dexterity
*Made from recycled materials
*Available in 3 sizes

My Review:
First of all these gloves are super cute :) So happy they sell purple too, which is my favorite color. Secondly, these gloves are built to last. I was doing SERIOUS yard maintenance and they are in just as good of shape as the day I opened the package - for reals. Lots of dexterity so they do not get in your way as well. I would say that they seemed to run a bit on the smaller side, so I would probably order a Medium for my next pair. Overall, I'm so impressed by Dig it and highly recommend buying a pair.

What do you think? Have you tried Dig It gloves? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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