Sweater Stone Review

Disclosure: Thank you Sweater Stone for sending me a sample of your amazing natural pumice,. Sweater Stone is saving my clothing and I'm absolutely crazy about your product!

What is Sweater Stone:
Sweater Stone is a natural pumice that is used to remove pilling and renew the finish of sweaters. Sweater Stone can be used on a wide range of fabrics, including furniture and polar fleece.

My Review:
I recently cleaned out my closet using the KonMari method and came across a top that I absolutely love but wanted to get rid of it after a dryer mishap. Basically, I accidentally put a blue cotton, lace JCrew top in the dryer with some whites and it came out covered in lint (inside the lace -yikes). After using 2 different lint brushes it still looked a hot mess. That's when I reached out to Sweater Stone and was delighted that they agreed to sponsor this post.

I was really impressed at how well Sweater Stone grabbed on to the pilling of my top. It took a little over a minute to remove all of the pilling (my shirt was covered so keep that in perspective). I do recommend however, working over an old sheet as the pumice will flake. Some of the reviews state that it was messier than they thought it would be. Honestly I've always been one to prepare for a project rather than try to clean up afterwards. In other words, basically if you just use Sweater Stone on a "working area" such as a sheet, it's really easy to clean up.

I highly recommend buying this pumice to have on hand as part of your wardrobe essentials. Sweater Stone can be purchased at Nordstrom, West Elm, The Container Store, Vermont Country Store, Mast General Store, Organize.com and Amazon.com
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What do you think? Have you tried Sweater Stone? Would love to hear from you :)

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