Pour Le Monde Perfume Review

Disclosure: Thank you so much Pour le Monde for sending me your 3 lovely perfume samples. I've been searching for a new scent and I've now found 3 that I really love.

Pour le Monde sent me 3 sample scents of their Envision, Together & Empower perfumes and I'm so excited that they did because I'm absolutely fond of their brand. Here are my thoughts on each of them. :)

Long lasting, beautiful and sexy scent. Perfect for date night. Your loved will one will go crazy for this perfume.

Top notes: A citrus accord of Italian Bergamot, Brazilian orange, Persian lime, Florida grapefruit and pink peppercorn for that little kick!
Middle: Lavender from the fields of South France, Palma rosa and Egyptian geranium rose deliver a nuance of femininity
Base: The warmth and sexiness of Indonesian patchouli and creamy sandalwood blend with the sweetness of Madagascar vanilla to create a scent with serious cuddle factor!

An energizing scent that both men and women can wear. This scent reminds me to focus and and stay on track.

Top notes: Exquisite citruses from all over the world! Persian lime, Italian Bergamot, Brazilian Orange, Florida grapefruit and lemon for a citrus splash
Middle: Cassis, lemongrass and the peddly soft orange flower play well with the energy and cleaness of spearmint and super grade basil
Base: The sensual warmth of cedar wood, naturally derived benzoin and a drop of Indonesian patchouli make Empower a comforting and traditional eau de parfum

This is my favorite Pour le Monde scent. This scent is so light and earthy. It's simply exquisite.

Top notes: The deliciousness of Argentina lemon, Italian Bergamot and a little mixed berry
Middle: A bouquet of the most popular floral favorites: jasmine, violet, freesia and lilac hailing from the most ancient tradition of perfumery
Base: Creamy woodsy blends, Madagascar vanilla, balsam and a dash of patchouli for added sexiness, making everyday a special day!

Pour le Monde is the world's only certified 100% natural fine fragrances. It is cruelty free, vegan and pregnancy safe.

To buy Pour le Monde click here.
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