Achieve beautiful smooth skin with LightStim for Wrinkles

Disclosure: Thank you so very much to LightStim for sending me your LightStim for wrinkles. I'm so happy to see my forehead lines diminishing right before my eyes. I feel so much more beautiful in my skin thanks to your product!

I've been going back and forth trying to decide whether or not to start botox treatments for my forehead lines. So I was delighted when LightStim agreed to send me their LightStim for Wrinkles to test and share with my readers. I'm so excited that I tried this route as I really wanted to try all natural treatments before starting any medical procedures.

How to use:

1. Cleanse Face
2. If desired, apply Light Stim Collagen Peptide Serum
3. Plug in the light
4. Turn on the light (the built in 3 minute treatment timer will begin)
5. Place the light gently touching your skin and hold in place
6. After the 3 minute treatment, the timer will beep and you can move the light to a new area. Repeat until you have treated all desired areas. (the light will shut off after 30 minutes of use)

For best results, use your light daily. Once you have achieved your desired results, use the light two to three times weekly.
Most consumers report results in less than a few weeks. 6-8 weeks of regular use, your cells can produce enough collagen and elastin to start reducing and eliminating those fine lines and wrinkles that took years to form. Download the free LightStim app from the App store or Google Play. Track treatment time, get tips, product guides, support and more.

My thoughts:
I'm amazed away by how well the LightStim works. LightStim is very easy to use. I mostly use on my forehead but I have also used around my eyes and mouth as well. I spend about 9-12 minutes a night with LightStim. LightStim does an excellent job tightening the skin and shrinking any facial lines. LightStim helps restore your skin's youthful appearance and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which diminishes the obvious signs of ageing. I've been using nightly for 6 weeks and have noticed a tremendous improvement. I would say my lines have diminished by 75%, which a tremendous improvement. I will continue to use nightly for 2 more weeks and then 2-3 times a week to keep rebuilding and toning my skin. LightStim is FDA approved and Dermagtologist recommended.

Check out this video here from Dr. Peter Helton which explains how LightStim works and why it's a win for your skin!

You can purchase LightStim here. It is $249 and includes Free Shipping. This product is an investment that is worth the price tag. Yearly botox treatments can be around $600-$800. This is a safe and natural product which will last a lifetime. LightStim comes with a 90 day guarentee. Other products are LightStim for Acne and LightStim for Pain.

What do you think? Have you tried LightStim? I would love to hear what you think?

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