Exuviance AntiRedness Calming Serum

Disclosure: Thank you so much Exuviance for sending me your Exuviance AntiRedness Calming Serum.

Do you suffer from sensitive skin? I've talked about my skin issues in the past and how I love using Exuviance. Exuviance products are truly the best for sensitive, redness prone skin.

This milky serum utilizes a soothing combination of active science and proven botanicals that address the four underlying causes of redness, restoring calm to sensitive skin.n

PHA/ TriPeptide helps reduce the appearance of flushing and strengthen skin while Willow Herb neutralizes damaging oxidation. An algae extract provides reinforcement to the skin's fragile matrix, improving skin's resiliency to help counteract blotchiness and soothe sensitive skin. Willow Herb neutralizes damaging UV-induced oxidation and then joins forces with an innovative TriPeptide to help interrupt the inflammation cascade, reducing the appearance of flushing on your skin. To strengthen skin for the future, a PHA and patented Bionic complex encourages its protective barrier, reducing the potential for sensitivity to redness-inducing triggers.

I use this serum twice daily and it has greatly improved my complexion. It is a very fast acting serum. I noticed results immediately. It's also a light formula that doesn't make my skin feel clogged like other products. Smells great and a little goes a long way. If you suffer from redness, you will not be disappointed with Exuviance AntiRedness Calming Serum.

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