Better blending for advanced makeup looks {MakeupDrop Review}

Disclosure: Thank you MakeupDrop for making my skin so much more beautiful!

About MakeupDrop:
MakeupDrop is a silicone makeup applicator which is used for better blending for advanced makeup looks. With MakeupDrop you are able to contour, highlight and blend like a professional makeup artist while saving product. The perfect addition for true makeup lovers. Contour, highlight and blend like a professional makeup artist while saving product. The textured surface can be used on makeup-free skin to bolt away oils and excess grime, elevating your skincare game.

Directions: Apply a small amount of product to your Drop+. Lightly dab, draw or outline onto face and then blend gently into skin. Use the tip to draw sharper lines and to reach corners of eyes. Do not use if punctured.

Cleaning: Your Drop+ is designed to live with you. Simply wash with warm water and soap.

Check out these tuturiols on ways to use your MakeupDrop <Click Here>
Create Flawless Foundation
Use as part of your skin care routine
Use with Lip Stain
Use with eye shadow

My thoughts:
I'm so happy to have found MakeupDrop. I'm still getting used to the humid weather in the South and along with that I've been struggling with breakouts. I love the idea of not using brushes as they can carry bacteria if not properly cared for (which takes time). My favorite feature is that MakeupDrop is so easy to use and clean. I mostly use for my foundation and I'm really happy about how it helps to blend foundation so smoothly.

To purchase MakeupDrop Click Here.

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