Utility Tip Review & 10% Promo

Disclosure: Thank you Utility Tip for sending me your one of a kind ear cleaners. These are the best ear cleaners on the market and I'm thankful for the opportunity to try and share with my readers!

About Utility Tip:
Utility Tip is an alternative to cotton swab ear cleansers that are uniquely designed to remove wax and are most effectively used by applying a delicate twisting and pulling technique. They are made from a recyclable plastic and come in white or blue and the only difference between the two are the color.

Utips are proudly made in the USA in Idaho by the Development Workshop who's mission is "to assist individuals who have a disability or who are disadvantaged to recognize and to achieve their chosen level of economic and social independence. They mold and package the Utips and do a phenomenal job.

Utips are Endorsed by an Ear Nose Throat Surgeon, Dr Morgan G. Yost, a board certified Otolaryngologist and artists Shamans Harvest and Dylan Jakobsen. The Utip is growing quickly which tells us that people are ready for a change with ear health. The future of the cotton swab has arrived.

My Review:
I've always had an issue with cotton swabs. Something about cotton in my ear just never felt right so I was intrigued when I found Utility Tip. Utility Tip picks up at least 90% more earwax than a cotton swab. Yes, it does feel different but it's just an adjustment. Knowing that Utip is doctor recommended is a huge factor factor for me switching. Also, because Utip is made from plastic it is recyclable. So not only are you bettering your health, you are also saving the environment and money too. Overall, I'm very impressed and highly recommend giving a try.

You can purchuse Utility tip on their website here or on Amazon here. Use Code: FAQ for a 10% discount.

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What do you think? Have you tried Utility Tip? Would love to hear your thoughts. :)


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