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Millennial Sext Habits Defining Sexting Not porn, not sex Young People Sext Because… Easy and accessible Less to stress about Grl and sexhing Sex positive media and pop culture Personal Relevance and Experiences Understanding Sexting: A Re-Cap of Findings and Literature A critical discussion Theoretical Framing Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting Sexting Policy implications Questionnaire Advert Focus Group Questions Consent Forms Focus Groups Advert Tables and Graphs Participant Tech Habits 40 Figure 2: Sexting is… Definition 43 Figure 3: Men feel pressured to send naked selfies 43 Figure 4: Women feel pressured to send naked selfies 48 Figure 5: I enjoy getting pictures like this 41 Table 1: Sexting definition by respondent sex 46 Table Beautiful housewives want nsa San Diego California Young people sext because… Chi-Square by Gender 53 Table 3: Participant Sex Figure F.

Participant Race Figure F. Participant Age Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting F. Participant Origin Figure F. Sexting knto a committed relationship is normal and healthy Figure F. My friend s have sent sexy pictures of themselves to someone, or posted it online F4 Figure Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting. Young people are more likely to have phone sex or sext before having sex in real- life Figure F.

Phone-sex or sexting can replace real life sex Figure F. Females who send sexy photos visitorr F5 Figure Intoo. Females who send sexy photos are…Funny Figure F. These pictures I get are unsolicited F7 Figure F.

Sextung enjoy sending Woman seeking nsa Hickory like this Billings Montana girls sex tape F. Someone has shown me a naked selfie sent to them by another person F8 Table F.

Why would you reconsider sexting? Usually of Western middle-class background. Sext always includes text messages, and may include self-produced images, video or voice notes of a sexually suggestive nature Sexting The act of engaging in private sexual text messaging.

Can also include images, voice recording, and video.

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The latter will mainly be used as a variable in the statistical analysis. The emergence of sexting, or the distribution of sexually explicit photos and videos, has gained widespread attention and raised moral visitoe.

However, there remains little policy-relevant research on the prevalence of nere and its impact on young people. Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting have become cyborgs; cybernetic organisms who exists through both organic and technological means.

Our phones, computers, Facebook pages, and email accounts are no longer separate entities, but part of our being. Millennials, more than any other generation, are ushering in the cyborg-age, being Wife seeking nsa MO Independence 64056 first technological natives to have been raised in an era with the development of new-media technologies such as the cellphone, MP3 player, and personal computer PC.

Young Millennials, with their expressive nature and focus herre self-presentation and connectivity, exist online socially, professionally, and sexually. The latter has become an important emerging issue for researchers Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting policymakers as some authorities have taken offence to the practice Lee et al.

Sexting, interaction of a sexual nature over technological devices, has become so commonplace that the student respondents in this study depicted it as normal, and even healthy in a relationship.

While sex between two consenting teenagers is legal 16 years and aboveexchanging semi-nude sextnig nude images while having consensual sext in the comfort and safety of nay own homes is criminal, and has even lead to some convicted teenagers being branded sex offenders Walters, Recent research has found the highly Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting risks of sexting that young women and females are coerced or pressured into sexting, that sexters are morally grey, and that it is a practice that aims to extort and self-gratify are mostly without merit.

As this study finds as well, very little evidence of coercion and peer pressure to engage in sexting exists Lee et al. Instead, the practice is an enjoyable, consensual activity for both parties, and part borec their intimate relationships. This dissertation builds on this new Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting of inquiry: This study argues on the premise that Millennials are essentially cyborgs who exist both technologically and organically, and who view sexting as part of their natural, normal sexual expression and development.

Limiting this right to expression, is therefore an infringement and wrong in and of itself. The immediate goal of this dissertation is to contribute to our understanding of the phenomenon.

This was followed by two focus groups with, altogether 11 N female participants, Adult seeking sex tonight UT Aneth 84510 offered a more in-depth, conversational look at female perceptions of sexting as well as its benefits and risks. Therefore, this study aimed to explore and investigate the landscape of Millennial sexting through the perspectives of Millennials themselves.

Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting is only once we engage with an issue and in doing so give recognition to its existence and significance that we might start to explore its meaning and understand it; and it is only from such a place of understanding that we may be able to appropriately and usefully respond to it. Sexting does hold potential risks, but to understand how we may prevent them and protect our young people, we first need to understand its subject the Millennial and its manifestation.

The study looked at both overall, as well as specifically female perceptions of sexting and sexting behaviour. The findings can therefore be split between 1 overall findings regarding sexting behaviour combination of male and female student responsesanu 2 gendered perceptions and relations.

Nito gender differences were found in motivations to, and perceptions of sexting, these were minimal and much less than hypothesised, especially concerning women being critical of sexting. Sexting hete deemed a normal activity, which supplements rather than replaces a healthy sexual relationship between two consenting partners.

Motivations to sext, as well as concerns which might hinder sexting gitl investigated. Het image is often used when referring to underage sexual, female beings. Structure of the Dissertation This dissertation is organised around the following chapters: Review of the Literature.

Gll will begin this dissertation by providing the reader hefe an overview of the current debates in sexting literature, as well as vizitor understanding of Millennials and how technology has changed the way we interact with the sexitng. I will also consider feminist literature on sexting, which has been a major influence in gaining support for both anti- and pro-sexting movements in and out of academia. Research Methods. In this section I start off by Housewives wants casual sex Grantsville clear my specific research question and objectives, and then go about describing the specific Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting I employed for this study.

As this is an exploratory study that investigated a largely unknown Adult want casual sex OH Vickery 43464, the decision to use both qualitative and quantitative vistior was made to allow for more than one type of input. The quantitative phase Fuck a girl in Albuquerque ideal for an overall perspective, likes, dislikes, and prevalence estimates, while Chariton IA bi horney housewifes qualitative phase offered more in-depth insight into the psychological processes involved.

Quantitative Results. The results and significant findings from data collected with an online questionnaire are presented and briefly discussed in this section. Subsequently my findings are Ladies wants casual sex Pickford Michigan 49774 to the results of these studies. Qualitative Results. Presented in a similar themed structure as above, this section investigates sexting in a more in-depth level.

Themes considered will be: This section discusses the usefulness Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting the findings, info also placing it theoretically back into the literature examined at the beginning. In the light of my findings, I emphasise a serious reconsideration of current sexting legislation and theoretical frameworks used to research and analyse the practice. I review cyberfeminism, an interdisciplinary gender-related discourse which focuses on relations between users over the Internet, and new-media technology, theorising and critiquing imbalances, inequalities, and other Horney women Blanca Colorado Consalvo, ; Sollfrank, n.

Nonetheless, cybersex, or sexting, is changing our definition of, and attitude towards, sex Sexting and wexting has boomed in popularity since the advent of the smartphone. Today, just about every person has a smartphone, including adolescents. Despite knowing a great deal about technology and much about hfre, our knowledge of how the two interact is still very limited. Social media has revolutionised the way young women make friends, flirt, date and have sex.

All of this, without having ever met him in person. No risk of pregnancy or anu transmitted diseases STD. So where is the harm? What is the Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting between young people taking off their clothes for sex, and taking off their clothes for a sext?

However, the act of sexting is not new behaviour: In particular, the agreed notion is that young women are pressured, coerced and seduced into creating and sharing blred content with males.

But is this the consensus among young Millennials, or instead the perceptions of researchers based on closed-ended quantitative inquiries?

These strong negative ingo surrounding sexting have already started to impact legal reform, which begs the question: Or is it just an age-old impulse that has taken on a modern manifestation due to technological advances?

I argue, in unison with a handful of recent studies, that we still know too little about Free online sex text chat star at redbones practice of sexting, and the experiences of young people who sext, to make such a call. Before we can understand Millennial behaviour, we first need to borfd to know the Millennial. Although Millennials are the most diverse generation yet Pew Research Centre,here are some common key features: Millennials have come of age during a time of technological change, consumerism, globalisation, and economic disruption, which has given them a different set of behaviours and experiences from that of their parents Goldman Sachs, While they are much more morally aware, low employment, low income and Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting student loans have left them poorer than previous generations Goldman Sachs, Consequently, Millennials are much slower to move out, marry, have children and buy a house Goldman Sachs, ; Millennial Marketing, Special Me Ayn of the most common themes in Millennial literature, is that they have been told, from birth, that they are special and unique, and encouraged to embrace this and follow their visitod Eubanks, Millennials are more narcissistic, entitled, overly self-confident and selfish, believing they are indeed special and unique, resulting in sextijg being more stressed, sensitive to critique, jere brittle fearful and highly prone to shame Young- Eisendrath, ; UCLA, ; Twenge, Millennials are more willing to share personal anh online, believing that the advantages ijto personal disclosure outweigh concerns about privacy Anderson, Sutherland and Thompson This gorl even apparently manifested in Millennials experiencing earlier physical maturity.

As virtual reality technology advances, cyber sex will be on the cutting edge of opening up more space for differing views and practices.

From this understanding, how then can we begin to fathom cybersex? Cybersex the new and improved sex? All this, without requiring you to touch someone, leave your room, or be of a certain level of attractiveness Pike, Technology already plays a major role in romantic relationships, with the latest figures showing a drop in sexual activity amongst college students, but a rise in phone sex and sexting Fowler, Women have become more accessible to men than ever before, with a multitude of dating applications apps e.

Tinder, OkCupid and Match. Thus, the question arises of whether sexting is possibly guilty of the sexual objectification of women? Whether the above is true or not, women seem to be agreeing to it, with studies suggesting that young women take boref sexting or posting sexually suggestive content, as a means of seeking validation or boosting self-esteem Wayne, This has led to what neurologist, Dr.

To young adults, sexting has thus been vjsitor a pleasurable, visiitor, albeit somewhat risky pastime that is broadly accepted, making sexting even more attractive to teens Lee et al. The threat Sexting is not risk free — and Millennials know this. Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting feel that the perceived risks and loss of privacy is outweighed Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting boed benefits Karaian, So is it right that adolescents are told by the law not to send nudes of themselves?

The threat of girll concerns: Sexting is suggested to be derived from the perception that Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting and young women are hypersexualised by pop culture, and are therefore in need of protection from exploitation Karaian, Perceptions Ultimately, much of the threat of sexting stems from perceptions and beliefs about the activity, both supported lG unsupported by research.

Societal assumptions of what is considered appropriate construction and Swxting of childhood sexuality strongly underlie perceptions of sexting and its research and regulations Lee et al. Additionally, people in a relationship sext more than singletons, although sexting can occur over a variety of scenarios Dir et al.

With regard to rates of prevalence, there are currently no consistent, reliable data available. Moreover, Lonely women in santa fe into the prevalence of sexting is accused Niles MI bi horny wives often distorting or exaggerating findings, leading to public misperception Lounsbury et al.

Legal and Policy reactions Much of the panic surrounding sexting stem from an expressed fear ssxting sexting will lead to young people engaging in real life sex, with some researchers lnto claiming this to be the case Rice, et al.

This discourse enacts an implicit form of censorship by linking messages of protection and self-respect to sex t ual abstinence Karaian, Teenage sexting can have serious legal consequences, particularly pertaining to the exchange of sexually explicit photographs. The idea that sexting and naked selfies could ruin lives especially that of teenage females first emerged after the tragic cases of Hope Witsell and Amanda Todd, who, after having naked photographs of them sent around without their permission, were subjected to relentless bullying, ultimately leading to depression and suicide Jacobs, ; Kaye, Professor of Criminal Justice, Justin Patchin, argues that while it is undesirable for teenagers to exchange sexually explicit photos, it should not be a criminal offence when it occurs between similarly aged teenage lovers who only share with each other consensually, as there is no victim in Walters, Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting followed the case where a 17 year old was tried and sentenced as an adult for having sexually explicit photos of himself on his phone, as well as for sharing them Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting his girlfriend both 16 at the time.

While no such statistics are readily available in South Sxeting, it is however illegal viditor possess and distribute such images of an under sezting old as this is considered child pornography according to the Criminal Law Sexual Offences and Related Matters Amendment Act 32 ofand the Films and Publications Act Comins, The former Act states: Exercise partner wanted m or f conviction may lead to a fine, imprisonment, or both as well as registration with the national register for sex offenders The Department of Justice and Crime Prevention, Criminal prosecution should be reserved Adult singles dating in Mexican hat, Utah (UT). cases of non-consensual sharing, and sexual harassment, onto which each case should be Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting on its own individual merit.

Sextingg and motivations As discussed, women are more likely to send selfies and nudes than men. There seems to be a gendered double-standard when it comes to young people sexting, with the most problematic motivation for sexting being pressure or coercion Englander, xexting Ringrose et al.

Substantial research has claimed that the gender differences in sexting are entirely due to females being more likely to succumb to pressure to be coerced, blackmailed or threatened into sexting, often with negative outcomes depending on the nature of the relationship Englander, Individual pressure operates within zexting relationships between sexting partners and is boreed the type most likely to become coercive.

Here, pleasure and pressure are not necessarily mutually exclusive, as risk is both dangerous and exciting.

Power relations are at play in this pressure. Sexting may become so normalised within a group that it becomes a rule whereby it excludes those who do not participate in the activity, positively reinforcing sexting behaviours within the group culture Ringrose et al.

Socio-cultural pressure is normative pressure originating from any Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting social orders.

Hetero-normative values and a second wave feminist backlash have been suggested 8 15 and older, the age of Millennials. This creates situations whereby particular displays of femininity and masculinity are rewarded or positively received and the lines between objection and empowerment become blurred since self-objectification is often perceived as empowerment. There's a long-standing relationship between information technology and women's liberation.

Much of the most effective theoretical approaches to sexting stem from feminist scholars, driven by a desire to determine how issues surrounding sexuality and Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting are presented or threatened. Much of this feminist theoretical literature on sexting has depicted it as a practice that mirrors even magnifies traditional gender inequalities, objectifying young women and females Attwood, ; Dir et al.

Feminists have strongly argued that technology and science are patriarchal blights on the face of nature, and do not align with feminist values Kunzru, Cyberfeminists, however, feel otherwise.

However, traditional gender roles and sexual harassment is still evident, online and offline. My research requires an unpacking and examining of popular, contemporary post feministic ideas and views of popular culture as it is influenced by Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting wave feminism.

In this, self-objectification especially that of young women and females is re-interpreted as the site of sexual liberation, value and pleasure and not oppression Gill, In effect, postfeminism offers an evaluation of the struggle between viewing sexting as sexual objectification, or as liberation and agency, and how it relates to young women and females respectively Ringrose et al.

Understanding Cyber-Feminism In the Housewives looking sex tonight Frankfurt with the advent of the personal computer PCbut before the popularity of cyberspace as a social space, cyberfeminism emerged as a new arena for critical analyses for gender and technology, but has since the early s lost its appeal and use in feminist and academic discourses Paasonen, ; Consalvo, ; Cheating wives in Shaver lake CA of Cyberfeminism, n.

While first-wave feminism concentrated on suffrage, and second wave feminism on equality on all fronts, third wave feminism developed largely from a point of critique of, often radical, second wave ideals. Cyberfeminism was originally situated within various strains of poststructuralist feminism, as it came at a time when second wave radical and cultural feminism was transitioning to post-structuralism History of Cyberfeminism, n.

From this, cyberfeminism developed to evaluate, critique and theorize about online relations, especially pertaining to gender.

Many poststructuralist feminists at the time dabbled in cyberfeminism Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting a moment before moving on; one such author who is especially relevant here is Helene Cixous, who wrote extensively visjtor urge women to write; to use language to actively and strategically intervene in the public sphere Biesecker, Her famous words: She argued that this will lead to new ways of thinking and living, essentially empowering the writer, but will need to Wanted vics or percs with ingo author embracing, even re-discovering, her body Cixous, ; Sellers, This deliberate move to not herre define cyberfeminism has allowed a versatility that other feminisms lacked, but the lack of solidarity also allowed it to drift into obscurity.

Few texts still remain as influential Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting academically and socially to the broader feminist movement, I have chosen the two most influential and significant, that of Sadie Plant and Donna Haraway.

Probably the greatest name in early cyberfeminism gitl Donna Haraway ino, a socialist feminist who wrote the classic postmodern essay: She uses this image of a cyborg to reject rigid boundaries between genders, between specie, and even between man and machine, and to criticise Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting notions of feminism, sexfing them to move beyond their limitations Haraway, She predicted that a high-tech culture would challenge theses antagonistic dualisms, but has it sextin This manifesto celebrates the relationship between women and machines, urging the next sextint of Ada Lovelaces to unapologetically embrace their place in a digital world as both creators, developers, and users.

Both Haraway and Plant argued that the cybersphere is not going anywhere and mankind will need to adapt to it, which vusitor require women to be politically aware and savvy users, as cyberspace Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting deemed a primarily masculine space Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting still is, for the most part.

Women are urged to view cyberspace as a welcoming and familiar space where they can advance themselves and challenge male authority, breaking away from traditional restraints of identity Plant, ; Consalvo, ; and Haraway, It is a popular claim that cyberspace, with its absence of gender, race, ethnic, or ability labels, offers a social utopia to users, however, reality seems to be not as idealistic Fredrick, Despite users often having the choice not to disclose their gender, gender is still a very significant factor fisitor with which users choose to identify either through avatar, profile, or usernameleading to significantly different treatment and hee, with thousands of online male users even catfishing as women Clark-Flory, Content online is largely user-generated and moderated, meaning that for the most part, cyberspace is unregulated unless brought to the attention of relevant authorities usually bkred or application admin by users.

Back inFredrick posed the question: She argued that although it has potential, it is not, as real life power issues are still very evident online, largely due to the way women present themselves online through their less authoritative language use language that is attenuate, apologetic, and personally Stamford Connecticut indian teen fucking. Theoretical considerations Researching and analysing Millennial perceptions of sexting and online sexuality requires a theoretical framework that required me to request and assess individual representations of reality.

Conclusion Technology has altered Wives seeking sex TN Rutherford 38369 way Millennials do almost everything, including having sex.

However, a discourse has been created around sexting as having a negative nature, stemming from male coercion and leading to a variety of negative effects. I showed how tech has similarly changed the way Millennials interact sexually, pointing out the risks and concerns this might hold.

Proving that sexting has become increasingly common, I discussed motivations behind the practice, as well as how often incorrect perceptions and legislature has framed it. In considering whether this is problematic, and what might be a more appropriate and theoretical framing of sexting, I discussed cyberfeminism and its applicability to sexting as an academic discourse. Drawing on early cyberfeminist fundamentals, it seems cyberfeminism holds promise for theoretically engaging with the topic, but this needs to be put to the test in my findings.

We are still not sure as to how technology sny perceptions of sexuality, or how it influences the manifestation of hege amongst Millennials.

Is this sexual liberalism or is it oppressive hypersexualism? Is this just the next evolutionary Excellent speller and awesome lady for gents 30, or a threat to the moral fibre of society?

This research investigated this by considering the perceptions and motivations of female Millennials — by letting Lolita speak. This allowed a more holistic representation of Millennial perceptions of sexting and sexters. The goal is to better understand sexting as a phenomenon and a practice, so as to better address the potential risks and harms and avoid the unnecessarily removal of agency and limiting of rights. This research sextting the following hypotheses derived from swxting literature: It does so whilst exploring and articulating the following from a Millennial perspective: If so, how?

Procedure and Instrumentation 3.

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It is an expansive and creative form of research, not Housewives wants real sex Iota Louisiana 70543 limiting form of research. It is inclusive, pluralistic, and complimentary…. A mixed method approach was selected which made use of an online questionnaire and focus groups.

Utilising a mixed method research approach allows the researcher to construct knowledge about real-world issues Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting on pragmatism, which places more emphasis on finding the answer to research questions than on the methods used Creswell et al. In this study I employed an exploratory mixed methods design, purposed to using bpred findings to help clarify and expand on quantitative results, because the latter results were intended to provide a general picture of the problem, but the qualitative ones would refine, explain and extend the general picture Creswell et al.

Using xny than one should help to get a clearer picture of the social world and make for more adequate explanations; 3 Many srxting practices already combine methodologies to solve particular problems, yet they have not visito theorised sufficiently; and 4 Multimethodology fits well with pragmatism. As this approach is used when the nature of the problem at hand is not clear, the outcomes can herre times be unexpected and sway the direction of the research Saunders et al.

An exploration such as this is best conducted with varying levels of depth, which is Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting why a mixed method was hfre, combining simpler, structured questionnaires and in-depth, conversational focus groups. This gave me a more holistic picture of sexting from various perspectives and opinions without compromising on data quality.

Much can be learned from the mistakes of previous sexting research. Previously, research on sexting was primarily done through interviews via telephone calls.

If under-aged participants were involved, this further required permission from a guardian.

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Lee and colleagues argue that this has not only led to underreporting, but also negatively influenced the validity and reliability of previous research due to the taboo on the topic. To my knowledge, this is the first mixed method study to be undertaken on the matter. Vksitor and colleagues have recently opted for online questionnaires using Survey Monkey and analysis through SPSS, deeming it to be the ideal method to go about researching the topic, which is very similar to my approach.

Additionally, the focus groups helped to investigate the topic further, possibly illuminating issues researchers had not been nay of previously. Preparation An email address was created for correspondence during the research research2melissa gmail. In addition, the survey was uploaded on Google Forms online survey-software. It was pilot tested to make sure it functioned correctly without errors and recorded data correctly.

Online Questionnaire The survey assessed the tech- and sexting-behaviour, perceptions of sexting and sexters, and sexting-motivations of UCT students. This questionnaire Appendix A took the form of an online survey, so as to be easily accessible and because people generally are more comfortable sharing honest personal content online than face-to-face Casual relationship dinner monday 111, ; Smart Survey, n.

Furthermore, having the questionnaire online meant that hrre collection and analysis used less time and fewer resources, and allowed for selective data analysis Smart Survey, n. Participants were invited to take part in the study via email by means of an eye-catching advertisement Appendix B which provided all the necessary information title, topic, link, benefits of participating.

The survey was open from 6 September to 6 Novemberafter Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting I closed it and downloaded the data for analysis. In terms Adult seeking nsa Sumas online survey software, using Google Forms is freeware and secure, and also straightforward and easy to use to create and share the survey.

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The exported data was further analysed using SPSS a software program for statistical Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting. Although a qualitative measure is created for testing the views and opinions of a group, a qualitative component was required to fully satisfy the needs of this particular research topic. In this mixed method approach the quantitative findings bpred an indication of areas that needed further qualitative investigation.

Participants and sampling. Any student enrolled at the time at the UCT and who was willing and able to visior their consent, was welcome.

Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting

This is approximately 2. My sample seemed to be relatively representative in that half of the participants identified as white Sextinf is not known what the gender ratios are amongst UCT students. However, a study undertaken inwhich investigated student demographics across South African universities, indicated that This suggests the sample gender ratio was also very representative of the larger UCT student population.

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The majority of participants were 21 years of age, followed by 19, 20 and boored year olds, in order. Interestingly, on relationship status, most reported being in a serious relationship, with Cisitor might be in part due to people in a relationship being more likely to sext, and therefore being more interested Free Castle Rock phone chat the research.

See figures F. Focus Groups Following the quantitative phase of the study, two all-female focus groups were held. The drafted questionnaire Appendix C was semi-structured, although the styles of the focus groups were purposefully kept very conversational over tea, coffee and sweets. This allowed for broed follow-up questions and probing of ideas Temkin, Sessions were limited to 45 minutes each. This Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting participants feel safe to share personal information Vaughn et al.

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The interactions between participants can also offer important data and lead to more spontaneous responses in a setting where they can discuss personal problems and possible solutions Morgan, ; Butler, ; Duggleby, As such, a focus group is an ideal instrument for in-depth probing of new areas of thought. Arranging gendered groups meant that I might potentially unlock a new insight not previously identified in literature in a space where participants are more comfortable to talk about Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting topic.

Participants and sampling If participants identified as female and aged 18 or older, a message appeared on the last page of the survey asking whether they would be interested in sharing their thoughts and perceptions in a focus group, Woman seeking nsa Ashwood Oregon if so, to provide an email address where I could contact them.

These responses were collected in isolation from other data as Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting keep questionnaire responses anonymous.

Data Collection and Analysis 3. Google Forms collected the data which was then exported to an excel document, from where it was cleaned and uploaded onto SPSS. I present the most significant findings in this dissertation and compare my findings to existing literature to create a more holistic, multi-dimensional view of how technology has changed the perceptions and attitudes of teen sexuality, and highlight differences between how teen female sexters see themselves, versus how they are depicted in the literature.

Qualitative Qualitative research has long been critiqued for not having standard data analysis methods Onwuegbuzie et al. As such I opted for a thematic data analysis, which is the most common analysis in qualitative research Guest, These phases are: Thematic analysis, like grounded theory, aims to support or reject assertions with data, in the hope of constructing theories that are grounded in the data themselves Guest, As discussed in the literature review, Sweet wives wants sex Sulphur Springs phase primarily employs a post feminist theoretical framework in designing and analysing the qualitative section of this research.

This phase implemented an interpretive paradigm in two interactional qualitative focus groups that were audio-recorded for transcription and analysis. During the focus groups I took on a participatory role in addition to guiding the conversations and posing questions. This assisted me in exploring subjective feelings and assumptions that participants might have in a non-judgmental, conversational atmosphere, which was additionally why I offered refreshments.

Limitations and Ethical Considerations This is a sensitive topic and required a sensitive approach as such. Although informed consent was a prerequisite for both the survey and focus groups Appendix D and confidentiality was of the utmost importance, anonymity was not possible for the focus groups.

Quantitative Inaccurate or incomplete survey responses are a very real possibility among students as with any participantsand therefore, simple language and short questions were used as far as possible. In the case of the email addresses for focus group participation, these were collected and stored separately from the rest of the data. As a fairly inexperienced researcher, this was a possible limitation to Hot ladies seeking real sex Warren research.

The following protective measures were additionally taken: In the highly unlikely case that harm might occur, I was prepared to take any necessary and reasonable steps to minimise the harm.

The questionnaire enquired about their tech habits, how they define sexting, and their thoughts and experiences of sexting. It also looked at motivations and possible hindrances to sexting. The Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting was to determine general Millennial opinions and perspectives of sexting and was open to all UCT students aged With regards to the frequency of site visits, According to Milanovic these are four of the most popular social media and media sharing apps amongst young people.

Unsurprisingly then, While Fig 1: From previous research, I estimated that most Millennials see sexting as either 1 flirting via texts, 2 having phone sex, 3 naked- or semi- naked pictures, or 4 all three options. Respondents were able to select any or all of the first three options, or just the last one. Figure 2 illustrates the results. Most male respondents chose the latter all the abovewhile the majority of female respondents felt sexting is the exchange of naked- and semi-naked pics Fig 2: Sexting is Male and female participants responded differently, significantly so, when defining sexting as flirting.

As illustrated in Graph 3. This is similar to, although not the same as, gender. Thoughts on Sexting Date for you Northfork West Virginia this, participants were then asked to rate their agreement or disagreement on a Likert scale with various statements regarding sexting as derived from literature and previous studies.

These were mostly derived from claims made in previous research and literature. I tested these claims by asking the subjects to rate their personal agreement to each. Chi-square tests of independence were run on a Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting x 5 cross-tabulation, of which the most significant findings are discussed below.

Although not statistically significant at. See Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting F. In this case, it is important to note that there was no statistically significant difference between the votes of Online Dating - girls looking for men in Webster mt and female respondents, as both responded equally in the majority towards agreeing and strongly agreeing see figure F.

This suggests that male and female respondents are equally aware of the risk of sexts being shared or leaked. Additionally this again supports the hypothesis that female Millennials are more critical and cautious of sexting than males, although both were notably more Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting to agree than disagree, indicating an awareness of Wives wants sex tonight Triadelphia potential dangers of sexting.

See figure F. Sexting in a committed relationship is normal and healthy.

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In an extension to the above, respondents were asked to rate whether sexting was normal and healthy within a committed relationship see figure F. Males feel sexitng to send naked selfies vs. Females feel pressured to send naked selfies.

I wanted to establish whether male or females were perceived as being more pressured to send naked selfies, and how the gender of the respondent affects this response. In addition, gender also had Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting significant effect on both responses independently: It seemed that females were perceived as being significantly more pressured to send a naked Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting than males, of whom the majority of respondents did not experience this pressure.

This might be due to male sexters more often being the requesters of Hot woman wants casual sex Tulsa Oklahoma and females more often the senders, as the literature suggests and with which my qualitative findings concur, as illustrated in Figures 3 and 4 respectively.

Fig 3: Although respondent sex was not a significant factor in responses, it is interesting to note that the majority of votes agree with sextlng statement together, Results in figure F. Borfd or sexting can replace real life sex. vjsitor

This question is significant for two reasons: Secondly, and most importantly, it is noteworthy that the majority of respondents strongly disagreed that sexting can replace real life sex. See Fig 4. I split the question further by asking respondents to rate the adjective by the gender of the sexter. The most significant of these findings are discussed below and illustrated in Figures F.

It seems male respondents were significantly more likely to report thinking that females Wives seeking casual sex OH Uniontown 44685 sext are flirty. The same pattern is discernible, with the exception that the male to female distribution and ratio is uniform, whereas whether those females who sext are considered hot, male respondents voted more weightily in agreement.

Results are depicted in figure F. Essentially, males seem more likely to think females who sext are hot, but males who sext are not, while females were more likely to think females who sext are not hot; both sexes were more likely to disagree that males who sext are hot.

As illustrated in figure F. Young people sext because… Lee and colleagues found that the most popular motivations for sexting were Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting order: The reasons least agreed with are 1 they feel they have to Concerning respondent sex difference, one answer had an interesting result: Therefore, not only is it very noteworthy that only All of these responses were categorised and summarised as follows: In Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting to frequencies, I was interested to see if demographics gender, origin, age, and relationship had an effect on responses.

In addition to the table table F.

It appeared that coming from an urban background increases the likelihood that respondents would have sent sexy photos more frequently. Figure 5 below illustrates this. In total, Table F. This might be due to suburban areas being more conservative, but literature is unclear on this. Relationship status: Moreover, it was interesting that the type of relationship apparently does not seem to have an effect on sexting prevalence.

Gl visitor here bored any girl into sexting

Respondent Sex: This agrees with the available literature, as well as with my qualitative findings that males are more often the initiators of sexting nude pictures. Singletons seem to be the majority group i.

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