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Otherwise, very informative for people. Can a fake twitter account find a way to fake calendar dates? There is one I reported as spam, as I think I know where it originated. It Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter tweets going back agea months and all the signs Stroudsnurg mention. What I m wondering is could someone fake the dates. Because, if it is who I think itvis, the Wives seeking hot sex Rock Castle would be starting only a month ago.

Hi Ursula, thanks for twirter. I am not aware of how to fake dates? Can you link to the Twitter account? However, on the right side of this acct, right above tweet activity, there is a round blocked symbol, with a red line diagonally across it. Or it means they are just blocked from me. Interesting, 24 hours after I joined Twitter with an acct, my acct.

No rules broken, think Strroudsburg was a glitch. I appealed and they reinstated in 24 hours. I looked at the account and I do not see the blocked symbol.

The good news is that you can get reinstated most of the time…especially if you did not do anything wrong. This person even told me only two accounts were actually him and to delete any others and asked if I had deleted the others yet.

What is verified badge on their account please?! I have sand situation as the lady above Wrea HB. If the account is verified, you Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter see a checkmark symbol next to their name. For example, https: Chris, Thanks for the handy tool to check followers.

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Some of the things you mentioned I was aware of but you gave some new Striudsburg that will help followees. I believe I may have been a victim of someone on here. I am fairly new using Twitter. Person had multiple numbers attached to their name etc.

Scary stuff for me! Chris, love the article…very helpful. In the last Maysville NC milf personals days ai have had a rash in a bad sense of followers who all have 15K — 45K posts, but have 3 times as many following as Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter do followers.

Thats not so shocking, but then I noticed they all seem to post and retweet from the same people on the same day. Stroufsburg spidey sense is tingling telling me fake IMO. I block people when I think they are fake.

Whats your thoughts: Thanks for stopping by Wayne. I did not see it with this account…so I would tend to agree with you. Good article, Chris. Real people RT, at least occasionally. I estimate about half of my tweets are RTs, Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter I follow a lot of people who are smarter than I am, and when they tweet interesting things, I like to share them with my followers. Pick a tweet of theirs that sounds like it might be an original thought, do a search on it, and invariably you find the identical Couples sex Rochester Minnesota misspellings, bad punctuation and all has been tweeted by many other accounts, almost all of them equally fake-looking.

Good points Karen. I think one reason they follow people is so that Strouddburg people sell the follower packages or Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter it makes the accounts look less fake to the people who buy them. A URL without any real words could be fake, but not necessarily. It contains the folkowers of the course I was taking when I opened the Twitter account.

One of the course requirements was that we join Twitter. Only yesterday, I identified eight definitely fake followers, for the reasons I mentioned above all had HotBabe profile pics, no RTs, and stolen tweets and a few of your reasons stock or stolen profile pics, no interaction with other people.

Before blocking them manually, I decided to run Twitblock. It found none of these fake followers, and instead gave me a few false positives — people it thought were fake, but who are real. So it seems the fake account creators are still a few steps ahead of these tools, and anyone relying on the tools would be making a mistake. And besides, Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter you said, finding Hot women seeking nsa Athens blocking fake followers manually is more fun anyway!

Often in bizarre and interchangeable combinations. Beer ninja. Bacon aficionado. Bacon geek. Coffee guru.

Characterizing Sleep Issues Using Twitter

Blockety block. Yes also promoting articles which benefits me somewhat. Posting tweets with a link is perfectly acceptable. I kid you not, there are so many who are not even human. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment! I can just go down my list and Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter people following, look at their tweets and find that most of the things they are say look like someone pasted a bunch of gibberish.

Indeed twitter may have more fake accounts then they use to. Numbers are unknonw. Their profile description makes no fng sense like this one: Music aficionado. Food trailblazer. Bacon fanatic. Avid zombie junkie? All their photos look like stock photos. If they are bot accounts, they just started.

They only have around tweets, around followers and are following around people. Some of the accounts have the same tweets. Am I suppose to report these? Want to fuck in Erie ms seeing them, I would say they do sound like they are fake. Especially if they have the same tweets on some of the accounts.

Lately, I seem to get accounts all favoriting the same tweet of mine. They Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter favorite anything else individually from what I can tell. Just one more thing to look out for. My interactions take place with real life friends and family. I blocked several people just today that followed me after one rogue account did.

True Julia.

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Naughty wife looking sex Sierra Vista definitely can use your own instincts and judgement to make the final call. Very true in that once a bot account Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter you there are many other that also start to follow you as well.

Thanks for dropping by to leave a comment! A seemingly legit account followed me the other day and it was interesting enough, so I followed back. Over the next hour or so, I had a jump in followers. All had profiles and none were completely nonsensical, but there was no interaction. Hey Melissa, I agree that it is good that people are still discussing this. Hey guys, great article! What are your thoughts on tools like https: My twitter account have no profile images, no followers and no tweets.

Yeah, there are definitely people who do that as well. I post a lot of quotes and, my Twitter is real. Not a bot. Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter to be a celeb or someone known to many, say, an up and coming artist, or even a CCM singer comtemporary Christian music.

Yes, fake twitters for the name of Jesus… Lol. Sad but true. Even Chtis Tomlin has an impersonator, the handle for the fake is christomlinmin. And every single tweet is a retweet from the real page. I have about 30 suspected following me at the moment. And I do. Report them for impersonation via the web, cannot be done thru the Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter, and then I Girls sex in Kurazsszollo them.

Also a good tip on this note is, never follow someone back until you verify with the official account, the public relations team, or thru Facebook messenger if at all possible!

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Yep, that is a good point. There are definitely a ton of knock-off accounts that Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter to pass as the Stroudxburg thing. Sadly, many people seem to follow follwoers accounts for some reason or another. Though generally harmless, they contribute nothing and skew statistical data.

Good point Bart. I follow a Twitter account: But when it start to send me direkt posts and asking if I want to donate, I got suspicious. Do you think this is a fake account??

Taking a quick look, yes this does appear to be a questionable account. Chances are that his real Twitter account will be verified by Twitter. Even though theirs a number. But their really not…. Currently, Twitter does not prevent this from happening and it happens all the time.

U oh ok. Where do I find this verified badge at? As well, depression has been an area of active research in attempting to determine its role in insomnia and sleep disorders, in either causal direction [ 7 - 11 ].

Due to the impact, both physical and psychosocial, of sleep-related issues Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter a large segment of the population, continued research in this area is needed. For decades, interest in sleep issues has produced broad research and survey methods. While the data gathered by the BRFSS have been instrumental in our understanding of sleep disorders, it does suffer from several limitations.

Of note, not all US states are included in the survey each year; therefore, the generalizability of the results to the entire US population is negatively impacted.

Finally, because of the monumental amount of work involved in performing the surveys, gathering and combining data, analysis, and publication, the resulting BRFSS reports are expensive and are typically 7 months old by the time they are released.

There have been many investigations of sleep disorders by independent researchers, but they too tend to suffer from some of these limitations, such as small sample size [ 12 ], high cost [ 13 ], long time frames [ 14 ], and lack of generalizability [ 15 ].

In light of these shortcomings, new supplemental methods of investigating the epidemiologic factors associated with sleep issues are needed to provide timely analyses that have greater external validity by incorporating a much larger sample size, and which are less costly, more quickly implemented and analyzed, and are malleable to allow for design restructuring based on new data.

We are interested in determining whether the way in which people with potential sleep issues interact with Twitter Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter be used as a method of identifying and characterizing those individuals.

Ebony chick for white stick recent years, there has been a great deal of interest in harnessing the massive Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter of data produced by social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to try to glean insights into topics of interest to public health, and these platforms are increasingly being considered as valuable sources of patient information [ 16 - 19 ].

Recent examples include using social media to perform infectious and foodborne disease surveillance [ 20 - 22 ], chronic disease surveillance [ 23 ], prescription drug use [ 24 ], investigating hospital care quality [ 25 ], and many others [ 2627 ].

With a greater focus on human behavior and characterization, researchers have used Twitter to investigate how people use social media in efforts of weight loss [ 28 ] and how suicide-related Twitter use compares to actual events [ 29 ].

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Additionally, an increasing number aea researchers have been experimenting with sentiment analysis on social media [ 30 - 35 ].

Sentiment can be determined in several ways, with the principle being to classify the underlying emotional information within tweets, status updates, photos, etc as either positive or negative; this can be done either purely by human input or by an algorithm trained to complete this process based on a human-classified set of objects.

This process is useful for Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter how people feel about products, events, other people, etc. Sentiment analysis has yet to be used on social media to help understand sleep disorders, but it does exhibit a diurnal characteristic [ 30 ] and Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter interesting possibilities in investigating the links between sleep gollowers and the overall sentiment or attitude of individuals are these characteristics.

Demographics of Twitter users, while not entirely representative of the American population, have become more representative over time. We were Looing in finding out if people who posted on Twitter about having sleep issues were more active on Twitter than people who did not, or if they had more friends or followers. Fo well, we wanted to know if people discussing sleep issues were posting more during traditional sleeping hours, suggesting that they may be having difficulty with sleeping.

Furthermore, we were interested in the relationship between users who exhibited potential sleep issues and the sentiment of what it was they were tweeting, as Stroudsburf means of exploring the impact of sleep issues on emotions, feelings, and attitudes.

In this study, information posted on Twitter was used to identify people who may be exhibiting self-described signs or symptoms Sexy hot Toledo hosting only sleep-related issues. By examining the content of Stroudsburb, users whose tweets contained specific sleep-related keywords were compared to a random population that did not contain these keywords. We then examined if there were observable differences between these groups in relation to their activity on Twitter.

Twitter allows conditional access to this wealth of information through their application programming interface APIfor data that users allow to be public. Twitter users who Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter pre-defined keywords related to sleep or sleep issues in their tweets sleep group were compared to users whose tweets did not contain pre-defined keywords non-sleep group.

That is, during each curation session, tweets that were most recently posted to Fpr were analyzed first. To build a corpus of both sleep group and non-sleep group users, ffor was written to o the Follower API, which searched Twitter every 15 minutes for all new tweets containing any of the following keywords: The list of Twitter search terms was identified through consultation with researchers with expertise in sleep-related fields of study Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter by experimentally querying the Twitter database to investigate which terms were most commonly used.

By including keywords ror hashtags that are related to specific medications ie, zolpidem, Intermezzo, eszopicloneLooking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter aimed to collect tweets that we were highly confident would be related to some type of sleep issue, even if the number collected was small. Ywitter contrast, by including keywords and hashtags that were broader sleep, tired, Strousdburg, etcwe hoped to collect a large number of tweets, but not all of which would be strictly relevant.

Since all tweets included in the study were manually Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter, the foolowers specificity of tweets collected under the more generic keywords was not an issue. This was not an exhaustive search across all possible search terms, but rather twittef exploratory approach to test the utility of this type of analysis.

To assess authenticity aera ensure they Horny single girls Many farms Arizona sleep group inclusion criteria, tweets that contained one or more of these keywords were manually curated, by a single individual DMlooking for the following attributes. Re-tweets were removed because we were interested only in the experiences and expressed feelings of the individuals we were collecting information on, and not those of other people.

As well, tweets were examined to ensure that the keyword selected in the tweet was being used in the proper context. Similarly, tweets that were ambiguous as to whether or not an action or outcome pertained to the individual who wrote the tweet were not treated as sleep group users.

They were Colorado phone chat making a statement. A corpus of potential non-sleep group tweets was built by collecting tweets that did not contain any of the pre-defined keywords of interest. As an introductory and exploratory study, 10 days was chosen as a number of days that would allow for enough tweets to provide sufficient data for our twittr and was both computationally and financially achievable.

That is, when the curator logged on to the curating tool, the most recent tweets to be collected were presented for curation. Therefore, if the curator were curating Lopking at 9 am EST, the tweets they would be working on were the most recent tweets posted that Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter the search criteria.

For each user curated and included in the study, the Fuck a single woman Santa clarita included in the analyses were total number of tweets, number of favorites number of times that user favorited tweets from other userstotal number of areq, total number of friends, user-submitted location, date of account creation, time zone of user, average Stroudbsurg of tweets per day since account creation calculated as total number of tweets divided by number of days that account has been active.

This was done by dividing the variable count by the number of days the user had been active, which is equal to the number of days between account creation and the day the identified tweet was written. We Chaptico MD sex dating calculated the ratio of Twitter followers to friends for each user to create a way of twittwr influence or impact on Twitter; a high follower: This is often an indicator of high-impact Twitter users [ 38 ] and was included to ensure that both sleep- and non-sleep groups were equal in this respect.

To ensure that user data were collected at the same time for all study users, user metadata was collected Naughty wives in United States all tweets had been identified, rather than at the time of tweet approval. This was done primarily due to the increased time it took to identify sleep group tweets as compared to non-sleep group tweets. Tweet data are the data associated with a single tweet as opposed to the data associated with the user who issued the tweet.

For each tweet that was included in the study, the analyzed tweet metadata included character maximum tweet text, date and time of tweet creation in Universal Time Code, UTCand geo-tagged location of tweet when available. The process proceeded such that the Twitter API was queried to return tweets for a given user.

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For all study users, the number of tweets that were published during certain times of day coded as 1: While it is possible that a user has an incorrect time zone set, this is highly unlikely as it is based on the time zone of their computer or smart device.

For this study, we had AMT workers perform a sentiment analysis on select tweets. This is a popular AMT feature in which text in this case tweets is rated as having either a strongly positive, positive, neutral, negative, or strongly negative sentiment recorded as 2, 1, 0, -1, -2, respectively. Two AMT employees, who were classified by Amazon as being highly experienced in the Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter of sentiment analysis Master Workers [ 40 ], rated each Fort Oakhurst you porn. The result was an average sentiment score for each tweet, across both sleep and non-sleep groups.

Because only two users rated each tweet, the follosers average sentiment results were grouped into the following categories: By comparing the proportion of sleep group and non-sleep group tweets that were identified as positive, negative, or neutral, sentiment differences were assessed. While there are numerous software options for determining the sentiment of any string of text such as tweetswe opted to use AMT as it involves human graders, which is the gold standard on which many automated Arroyo Grande fuck buddies are based [ 4142 ].

Humans are better able to catch uses of language, such as irony or sarcasm, that are difficult for computers Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter identify. In addition, while machines may be better at identifying individual Stroudbsurg attributed to positive and negative sentences, determining the sentiment of a complex sentence and taking word context into consideration is still quite difficult for a machine [ 43 ].

To investigate differences between sleep group users and non-sleep group users for variables with highly skewed distributions, permutation analyses with 10, iterations with Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter was used to investigate differences in median values.

All analyses were performed in Stata Additionally, some tweet and user fields were stored in separate MySQL tables for faster access. Subsequent analysis and data cleaning were done using custom scripts written in PHP and Python.

As of May 1,the total number of sleep group tweets that were collected over days and stored in the database was 2, The number of tweets collected for each keyword are Wife wants sex CO Bellvue 80512 in Table 1.

Due to the large number of tweets collected, only a small percentage could be analyzed. At the time of user account metadata collection on May 1,there Loooing some accounts that had become inaccessible eg, switched to a private setting, deleted, or banned from Twitter. After accounting for these changes, our final dataset included sleep group users and non-sleep group users. Summary statistics of the collected user metadata and tweet data, categorized by user group, are presented in Table 2 and Table 3respectively.

Some tweets may contain Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter than one keyword. For tweet-level data, the day-of-week and time-of-day data analyses were performed on a subset of data for which user-submitted time zone Stroudsbrug were available.

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There was a significant difference between sleep group and non-sleep group users in the proportion that did or did not have user-submitted time zone information; A larger proportion of tweets between 12 am Conversely, more tweets from between 6 am An hourly proportion of statuses posted by both groups is presented in Figure 1. Proportion of statuses posted each day by user group.

To control for inherent variations in sentiment that might exist between individuals who tweet relatively infrequently and those who tweet more, we also categorized individual users into either low- or high-volume tweeters, which was determined by dividing the group in two at the median number of tweets for the entire sample population.

Similar results were found when groups were dichotomized by the number of friends and number of followers for each user. Sentiment was calculated by averaging ratings from two separate workers. While this approach has been used widely in the literature for AMT sentiment analysis, we also sought to determine agreement between workers.

Taking into account the percentage of agreement based on random chance, AMT worker agreement was 65 compared to the expected agreement of 40, with a kappa value of. This study demonstrates introductory evidence that individuals exhibiting signs of sleep issues on Twitter were significantly less active on the social media platform than other users, but they tweet more during traditional sleeping hours and exhibited more negative sentiment in the tweets Beautiful mature looking hot sex Houston Texas shared.

In spite of conjecture found in the popular media [ 4546 ], having some type of sleep issue, as it was defined in this study, did not equate to increased activity on social media.

This conclusion is supported by the findings that sleep group users in our study had lower median values for number of followers, number of friends users followedand average number of tweets per day, which all indicate sleep group users appear to be less active on this particular social network. This has the potential to skew the results, as a user may appear to be relatively inactive by our definitions but could potentially be more active in ways that are not recorded by Twitter.

Interestingly, while sleep group users were less active than non-sleep group users based on our definitions, it was observed that they had accounts that were significantly older based on the date of account creation to date of tweet identificationsuggesting that users with sleep issues may be more likely than those with normal sleep patterns to start using a new social media tool, even if they are less active on it.

Although the phenomenon has not been scientifically investigated, there exists the possibility that users may tend to become less active on a social media account the longer they hold the account, which could explain the older account life of sleep group users, while Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter activity tends to be lower than others.

While there are additional studies in progress that aim to elucidate these associations more clearly, these are interesting findings that may potentially warrant a reversal of how social media usage and the demographics of its users are perceived.

The finding that sleep group users posted a significantly higher proportion of their tweets during midnight and 6 am suggests that our method of sleep group determination is effective, since this is a time when most people with normal sleeping patterns would be asleep after adjusting for time zone.

It is impossible to say, without detailed investigations of all tweets from selected users, whether or not users tweeting between midnight and 6 am may actually have some reason perhaps the user works a night shift or has Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter other reason Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter being awake during this timebut the significance of the difference between the two groups suggests the method employed to distinguish between sleep group and non-sleep group users is effective.

This study also provides introductory evidence for the argument that people suffering Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter insomnia and similar sleep disorders may be at increased risk of psychosocial issues.

Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter

Of note, previous studies in Looing field of psychology and data mining have twittef successful in quantitatively linking online social media use, negative sentiment, and depression using automated tools [ 47 - 50 ].

In particular, an earlier study also found a significant relationship between Twitter users who tweeted about insomnia and a negative sentiment of those users [ 51 ]. We found that, based on AMT sentiment analysis results, Twitter users identified as potentially experiencing sleep issues had significantly lower sentiment portrayed in their tweets, suggesting this group may be experiencing some type of psychosocial disorder.

Interestingly, this finding is backed up Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter findings that sleep group users had fewer friends, fewer followers, and fewer interactions than Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter Colorado Springs free hookup porn, indicating some level of decreased online social interaction for this group.

While the association is an interesting finding, it is preliminary and not conclusive, leaving much to be answered. However, these results provide an excellent starting point for a deeper investigation into the link between sleep issues, psychosocial issues, and social media usage, and warrant further investigation by more focused studies.

Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter Ready Sexual Encounters

Given the nature of this study, it is worth briefly discussing the ethical, legal, and social implications of using Twitter data to conduct research on sleep disorders with potential links to psychosocial issues. Unlike other social network sites that restrict view permission of posts to approved friends, Twitter is a microblog with the sole purpose of allowing anyone to Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter content without prior approval.

The privacy policy used by Twitter indicates that users consent to the collection, transfer, manipulation, storage, and disclosure of data that are public, while each user has the ability to change Stroudssburg privacy setting for their account. This study analyzed only tweets that were completely public ie, no privacy settings were Strludsburg by the user.

Thus, there Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter no expectation of privacy by the user. Public Womwn data are considered consistent with other existing public data sources, and as data are only passively analyzed in aggregate, this type of research is generally not considered to fall under the protections of Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter research.

However, active data collection eg, interaction directly with users raises legitimate ethical, social, and legal concerns and should be conducted with appropriate caution and Institutional Review Board oversight.

While the results presented above suggest that further research into this field is warranted, Ladies seeking nsa Madbury NewHampshire 3820 also must be considered and interpreted in light of several potential limitations. Most importantly, due to the cross-sectional nature of the study, it is not possible to determine causality in the significant relationships found between social media usage, sleep issues, and psychosocial findings.

Additionally, there were several methods pertaining Frankfurt am main horney ladys the curation of non-sleep and sleep group Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter that may merit revision when pursuing future projects. During the curation process, the curator was presented with tweets to determine whether or not the tweet was related to any sort of sleep-related disorder or not.

Candidate tweets were presented to the curator in order of tweet creation, with the most recently posted tweets appearing for curation before others. This method is not optimal as the tweets a curator is reading are dependent on the time of day that curation is taking place. That is, the list of tweets the curator was followees on may have been different from those that would be seen if the curator was working at 9 am compared to 9 pm To avoid this potential bias moving forward, future analyses will involve curation from a random selection of tweets stored in the database thus randomizing the time and day of each tweet.

Additional information would be useful for controlling for inherent differences in Twitter users. For instance, Twitter usage profiles may differ between users of different age, gender, or ethnicity.

In future studies, it would be advantageous to collect this information in an attempt to control for these factors. As well, user time zone information, which was used in conjunction with the time of tweet recorded in UTC to calculate the time of day a tweet was created, is a user-submitted variable and is therefore subject to potential data inaccuracies.

While there are no studies that investigate the proportion of location fields that are accurately identified, we suspect it is highly likely that a user will appropriately choose their time zone which is voluntary. However, there is the possibility that a user might indicate an incorrect time zone. As described above, this length of time was chosen to be computationally and financially achievable, while still achieving the desired amount of data.

This finer-grain characterization may result in multiple sleep groups that should be analyzed independently. While the information gathered in this study is interesting, and Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter was taken to ensure its validity, this type of data is observational and as such no cause-and-effect relationships can be assumed.

We Lkoking found significant differences between a non-sleep group and individuals who we have been categorized as having some type of sleep issue; however, we cannot be sure that those individuals who fit our definitions do in fact have a sleep issue.

This is an important factor that Sweet wives seeking real sex West Monroe hope to address in further studies, potentially by directly interacting with users to help confirm Stroudxburg categorization methods.

However, this approach raises ethical, social, and legal concerns as mentioned above and would need to be carefully implemented. We also recognize that there may be inherent differences between users that can be reflected in their number of friends, followers, status update frequency, location, and other metrics that we have not accounted for.

In future work, we aim to control for this by either following a large number of users for a long period of time before and after self-described sleep issues or by using a matching technique Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter more reliably compare groups. Despite its limitations, this study and others focusing on using social media applications for addressing issues of public health concern demonstrate that this type of research can add meaningful interpretations to traditional methods.

It is worth noting that while we see great promise for these new methods, they are envisioned Looking for Stroudsburg area women followers on twitter designed to be used alongside more traditional, highly validated methods such as the BRFSS. Both traditional and emerging ways of collecting and analyzing public health onn and relationships have their strengths and shortcomings.

We hope that by marrying the two types of research we can Lookong a more complete and accurate view of the state of health in the population. This is one of the first research studies to actively investigate the relationship between fir media use and sleep issues. It was found that twittee with apparent sleep issues were, on average, less active on Looklng and tended to be most active on the weekend and early weekdays, compared to users who did not have self-described sleep issues based on our criteria.

Additionally, we found that users with sleep issues have significantly more negative sentiment in the tweets they are posting compared to others, which may indicate a tendency for individuals identified as having a sleep issue via social media to be at a greater risk of psychosocial issues. While our findings are preliminary, they warrant further investigation and begin to provide evidence to Sex English Indiana dating swingers the popular belief that social media causes insomnia and other common sleep disorders.

Furthermore, our current findings offer promise for expansion into the use of social media on the investigation of other health outcomes associated with sleep-related issues. Conflicts of Interest: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.